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  1. BSatallite

    BSatallite's super original Giveaway Round 2

    Aite, kids, time to have some fun,this giveaway is for me to give back to the community, but most of all is for you guys and newcomers to find something enjoyable. Please do read the entirety of this post for your entry to be accepted. Announcement:The giveaway is done. ROUND 2 What will you...
  2. BSatallite

    My mom said my 'Mons are Pretty.

    I hope you like getting flashed over and over again like I do ;) Welcome to the hood my trade thread. Enjoy your visit, any questions feel free to let me know. For your information 1. Follow all of smogon rules A. Hacks are no good, bring me hacks and I will hack you into pieces. B. Show your...
  3. BSatallite

    New Year's GA :P Mod close thread please :)

    Back in 2010, I came up with this creature in my Latin class. Most of the time,we're just writing paragraphs in Latin about stories that i never knew about.As everyone else is writing summaries about the stories,I'm over here writing about a dragon turtle destroying cities and obliterating...
  4. BSatallite

    International Pokemon Station (ENG/FRA) Close please

    Hi,I'm BSatallite,I just started Pokemon in July and found Smogon and is pretty ok with it,i think i can start a thread that would help others obtain stuffs that aren't normally available in their country. Well,now onto the stuffs. .I can help get any items in 5th Gen or/and 4th Gen...