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  1. Zokuru

    SM OU The Mighty Specs SpD Tangrowth Semi-Stall.

    Hi Smogon, Zokuru's here. Today I'll present to you a pretty decent team that Loukoum-ki-pik and myself used a bit on the ladder with great results, even if we didn't peak with 'cause we just tried it on the top ~200. The concept of this team was to build around a joke, Tangrowth Specs without...
  2. Zokuru

    ORAS OU The Mighty Avalugg Stall ( Peaked #27 - 1909 ELO )

    Hi Smogon, Zokuru's here ! Today, for my first thread, I would like to present you a team I built few month ago and with which I peaked a pretty good Ladder Ranking. The account is a troll team dedicated account, this is why the GXE is bad, but when I saw it was at some high elo, like 1700 I...