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  1. Aldaron

    Request for our politically inclined members

    Note, prior to making this thread, I've already done a decent (admittedly just decent, not exhaustive by any means) amount of research into this. I am very very curious to know the US Government's spending. By this I mean what it actually spends money on (how much is payroll, how much is SS /...
  2. Aldaron

    [OUTDATED] OU's tiering policy framework

    In all OU debates, be sure to use the following framework when debating points and proposing actions. Posts will be monitored and moderated with the expectation that everyone is following the framework. Disagreements with the framework will NOT be part of specific policy threads; they will...
  3. Aldaron

    Current Gen OU Council's framework for "competitive" (and "uncompetitive")

    It's hard not to write a ridiculous tl;dr regarding this...I'll try my best. The reason I am specifying "Current Gen OU" is because I don't believe we can quickly and to everyone's satisfaction come to an agreement for all official tiers across Smogon. That is why this topic will focus solely...
  4. Aldaron

    [DONE] Implementing BP Clause addition on the team building side.

    This additional work will be implemented via the team builder. Posts 1-11 represent the previous iteration on the battle side; post 12 and on represent the desire to switch it to the team builder.
  5. Aldaron

    Official Trade, Retention, and Sellback Announcement Thread

    If teams wish to conduct a trade, both managers (or assistant managers if the manager is not present) MUST PM Zebraiken on the FORUMS to have the trade be official. Be very specific, especially when trading retainer rights. A retainer becomes official once a manager and the player PM to...
  6. Aldaron

    One particular type of logical fallacy I see a lot in internet "debates"

    I'm not really sure what the formal name for this is, but I'm referring to when people lambast a system / concept / idea based on examples of that system / concept / idea instead of lambasting that example. They basically generalize faults of implementation / practice to faults of the...
  7. Aldaron

    My Personal Tiering Thoughts / Approach with ORAs

    Note, this is PURELY theorymon and PURELY my own thoughts, not the thoughts of the council. Theorymon-wise (in addition to some experience on the ORAs ladder), I believe OU kind of "lucked" out here, in that I don't think a lot of the new stuff will be broken. Almost every new Mega is good to...
  8. Aldaron

    Tiering thoughts until ORAS

    [19:07:33] <Feitan> are you guys doing any suspect tests btw [19:07:38] <Feitan> or are we done [19:07:38] <aldaron> i dunno [19:07:46] <aldaron> i wanted to do thund-i before [19:07:50] <aldaron> but now im not sure [19:07:55] <aldaron> and im def not doing char-x anymore [19:08:00] <Feitan>...
  9. Aldaron

    Bottom up team building via "roles"

    So CTC's thread here: is a pretty solid "top-down" approach to providing community services for team building; namely, he provides the team and then provides justification for its formation. I basically want...
  10. Aldaron

    XY OU Suspect Process, Round 4, Voting

    Voting on Deoxys-D and Deoxys-S Qualified Voters: aldaron haunter gr8astard nachos m dragon reyscarface destiny device jukain jidan imma fly Jobes Redolent Jcpdragonx Muk Corporal Levi Reverb Rewer -Clone- SansNickel nyczxjay shartruce2 Calloflochie alexwolf Livio oSeasons Pretzels Prismillon...
  11. Aldaron

    Smogon Premier League V - Week 8

    Welcome to the eighth week of the Fifth season of SPL! Get.Your.Battles.Done.Follow.Aldaron's.Scheduling.Rules. Try not to wait until Sunday to do your match unless absolutely necessary, it makes it exceedingly hard to try and get matches completed should people not show up, especially when...
  12. Aldaron

    XY Suspect Testing Round 1 np: Michael Jackson - (extreme)Speed Demon (READ POST #1278)

    Hey guys, it's time for the first OverUsed suspect test in XY! The suspects are Lucarionite, Genesect, and Deoxys-S. You'll have to qualify on two ladders: the OU and OU (Suspect) ladders. As of right now, the goal will be a 1700 ELO rating with Glicko 1 deviation of 50 or less on the...
  13. Aldaron

    Strategy & Metagame OU Council Decisions

    basically a follow up to the introducing the OU council article I'll talk about what went into the initial ban list, how we approached blaziken / deo-n, how we approached gengarite, and what we're looking at moving forward transparency !
  14. Aldaron

    Official Tier Leader + chaos vote on default simulator level for XY tiers

    the arguments have been made Aldaron / Haunter / McMeghan ♥ / M Dragon / Nachos / Hugendugen / kokoloko / Molk / Raseri / blarajan / chaos / Tobes AND WHOEVER THE DAMN DOUBLES TIER LEADER IS Pocket / Joim just vote I'll vote last because people don't like biased OPs 13 votes edit...
  15. Aldaron

    Poll for our default simulator tiering level

    As per Stellar: I propose we auto-set all Pokémon in 6th-Gen Smogon metagame battles to Lv50. Here are a few reasons why I believe we should make this shift. I will also briefly address counterarguments. There is no Lv100 option in XY battles: Heart Gold and Soul Silver were the last Pokémon...
  16. Aldaron

    Poll for default simulator level

    As per Stellar: I propose we auto-set all Pokémon in 6th-Gen Smogon metagame battles to Lv50. Here are a few reasons why I believe we should make this shift. I will also briefly address counterarguments. There is no Lv100 option in XY battles: Heart Gold and Soul Silver were the last...
  17. Aldaron

    Post college grads come here

    Or if you didn't go to / dropped out of college, that is fine too (basically not interested in people still in undergrad or younger)...I guess soon to graduate people can respond too... It's kind of a lullish week at work, so naturally I'm curious about...smogon. What're you all doing with...
  18. Aldaron

    Generation Y, "yuppies", "millenials"...unhappy?

    So, as any of you moderately active on social media should know by now, this article: is currently witnessing a sharing craze, and articles / people advocating have spawned in high quantities, and articles like this...
  19. Aldaron

    Official Decisions Thread

    I'll put the official decisions and some basic substantiation in here
  20. Aldaron

    Talk smalk here

    leave it out of the main thread I'll infract if you guys keep it up in the main thread you can do the standard shitty wcop shittalking / whatever in here