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  1. mattj

    Resource VGC '17 Complementary Pairs

    As we all know VGC is doubles not singles. This gives us the unique opportunity to have one pokemon immediately support its partner during a single turn. But one pokemon supporting it's partner goes beyond the obvious moves like Helping Hand and Ally Swap. One pokemon's offensive and...
  2. mattj

    New Years Resolutions

    I know there's a thread in Firebot, but there is a serious discussion to be had. Did you have any plans for last year? How did those go? Did you achieve your goals? What did you do to achieve them? Do you have any plans for this new year? What are they? Why? How will you go about...
  3. mattj

    = if you don't have one for your facebook profile pic you are a hateful bigot who supports genocide against gays Mine: My buds': Cookies' was pretty good too...
  4. mattj

    Playing in the snow.

    Here in the midwest we just got a couple more inches. It looks like it'll end up somewhere around 10 total by tomorrow morning. We had just enough to play in today and the temperatures were not too cold, but not warm enough to melt it all. We couldn't find Lilly's sled so I rigged one out...
  5. mattj

    Serious Charging minors in child pornography cases.

    Hi. I'm Chris Hansen. So I have a 3Ds. I and my daughter use it nearly all day every day. I keep it in my pocket at work so I can rack up playcoins by walking, and when I get home my daughter and I share it to play Mario Kart 7, Pokemon, Kid Icarus, Super Mario 3D Land, watch the newest...
  6. mattj

    Serious 2013 Outdoors Thread: (or "mattj posts a bunch of river bluff pics")

    I don't know where you live, but here in the Midwest the ice is thawing and the days are beginning to lengthen. The trees still don't have their leaves, and the grass is still barren and brown, but if you sit still and listen long enough you can already hear the call of the outdoors. So what...
  7. mattj

    Serious Conscience in the workplace.

    I've been meaning to post this for a while, but VGC happened, so I got busy. :p In the news: Hobby Lobby Risks Fines to Defy Obamacare - The Daily Beast If Muslims Can’t Eat Pork, No One Can Eat Pork Woman denied haircut goes to Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario - Update: Sign at...
  8. mattj

    Serious the grinch who stole winter solstice

    From your average TV show: zoj6vQHdzHo From the Discovery Channel: 85FNMUU1eiA The first of a series from the History Channel: 20PQPrHFjnA A condensed version of the History Channel series: lT-Mms2t1hA Christmas — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts The Christians...
  9. mattj

    meat is murder

    So Deer Season begins in full this weekend. I have no clue where you live, but Deer Season is ridiculously huge here in the Midwest. When I told my Dad that Heather and I were planning on getting married in November (2004), he put his hand on my shoulder and said "Son, I'm happy for you...
  10. mattj

    So... does this mean Action Replays are illegal or... ?,2817,2411465,00.asp...
  11. mattj

    so i changed my wife's listing in my phone from "Heather" to "Jamie"

    Its still the same number, her phone, but it'll read Jamie. I wonder how long it'll take her to pick up my phone, snoop through it, and notice. And I wonder what her reaction will be. :33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 So, welcome to the prank thread. What kind of pranks have...
  12. mattj

    everyday superheroes

    So my buddy and I regularly have ridiculous conversations throughout the day to make the work go by faster. Today's was: "If your favorite childhood movie character/superhero/cartoon star was a real person, who would it be?" We went through a ton of these at work. Any takers?
  13. mattj

    do we do captions anymore?

    love him or hate him this is a real softball here any takers?
  14. mattj

    ... A BITE!

    So last year I posted a fishing thread and found out a few of you like to fish too. Since the weather has warmed up earlier than normal here in the Midwest, fishing season has started earlier than normal too. Since the fish have started biting again, I figure its about time to post a new one...
  15. mattj

    This is a tale that you humans have passed down through uncounted generations...

    On January 10th, 2012 my wife gave birth to our second child Lincoln Anthony Carter. He was born a very healthy 8lb 1oz, 20.5in. We were a little worried at first because the breathing specialist thought that he might have a bit of trouble with his lungs. But after a day of observation he was...
  16. mattj


    GlitchPop is a fairly new and unkown genre. It started in grungy techno and E clubs in LA when some DJs finally got fed up with the overglossed, oversimplified, overcommercialized Techno/Dance/Trance/Extacy crap that was being puked out by the corporatemachines like Sony and Universal. You'll...
  17. mattj

    YOURE A _ING LIAR AND YOURE GONNA FRY IN THE ELECTRIC CHAIR UNLESS YOU TELL THE TRUTH Anyone who has read my posts knows that I generally do not favor conspiracy theories. I've been a huge fan of reality crime shows for a few years now. I've watched all 10 seasons of First 48 and continue to...
  18. mattj

    And then the OTHER tower started to fall!

    No I'm not being political. Yes this is the first Barack Obama making a funny face pic I've happened to notice that wasn't obviously and terribly photoshoped (source). Any better caption ideas?
  19. mattj

    Occupy Kanto On October 17th, Thom Waldrop issued a clarion call to action: Occupy Kanto! The goal stated was to gather over 9000 pokemon masters in the front lobby of the Silph Co building in Saphron City, Kanto to begin a...
  20. mattj

    captions please

    I'm a fairly conservative voter, but this was too good to pass up. If you don't know who she is, don't bother posting.