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  1. Samtendo09

    Pet Mod Regional Evolutions (Submission Phase)

    Approved by Ludicrousity. This Pet Mod is made with the authorization of AquaticPanic, the creator of the Regional Variants Pet Mod. Welcome to a new addition to the Regional Variants, namely the Regional Evolutions! The Pet Mod’s premise is all around Regional Evolutions, as well as Regional...
  2. Samtendo09

    Fourth Frontier (Submission Phase)

    Approved by G-Luke and Ludicrousity We all know that a Pokémon can only evolve up to two times... but not every second Evolutions have a place in competitive and even friendly battles (unless you are a crazy prepared skilled trainer). And as scientists searches further, there is hidden, secret...
  3. Samtendo09

    Generation SD

    Approved by G-Luke. GENERATION Special Doubles There's a good amount of "change many things at once" Pet Mods like G-Luke's Ideal World, but what they (and other Pet Mods) have in common is that they are Singles-central and nothing to do with Doubles. So what if there is a "change many things...
  4. Samtendo09

    Costume Combat [The New First Gen Side-Project, Submission Phase]

    Approved by Ludicrousity Costume Combat The New First Gen's Side Project. The Costume mechanic is made by Jerrytkrot, the maker of such TNFG, thus we shall give him credit for the original idea. Welcome to the side project of The New First Gen, called Costume Combat. Here, we submit Costume...