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  1. greylobster

    General Introduce yourself!

    I'm greylobster I got into competitive battling about two years ago, I fell out of the loop and am trying to get back at it. My favourite pokemon has got to be psyduck. My favourite games are pokemon trozei(the original one :P) and csgo
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    General What brought you to Smogon?

    What brought me to smogon is that I watched the dex on youtube and discovered competitive battling, which eventually led me here.
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    Isn't weird thinking of that old Bob taking over youtube trend in 2013...

    Isn't weird thinking of that old Bob taking over youtube trend in 2013...
  5. greylobster

    ORAS OU Rate: needs work

    response to the question:ah sorry, id probably replace the focus sash with leftovers, because it helps it survive longer and focus sash literally wont help forretress, because it already has sturdy. other info: also id replace substitute with switch perhaps since substitute sort of defeats the...
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    ORAS OU Rate: needs work

    Replace the sash on forretress
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    Who's your Addy daddy?

    Who's your Addy daddy?
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    Ask simple questions here! [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    how do people get custom avatars
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    All avatars on Pokémon Showdown!

    rather porto or halite