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  1. SwampySwampert

    Challenge Pokemon X: Beedrill Solo Run [Olympia Defeated]

    I’m nearing the end of my Black 2 Bug-type mono run, having reached the Elite Four (final post on that will come once I beat them but I’m fairly confident) and while some of the fights have been extremely difficult, it just hasn’t been different enough from a normal run. I can still switch, and...
  2. SwampySwampert

    Challenge Pokemon Black 2 - Bug Monotype Run [Plasma Frigate Part 1 Complete]

    Last year, I did a playthrough of Pokemon Sun using only Bug-type Pokemon and no Z-Moves. Since that was a lot of fun to do, and since I’m at home now due to the virus, I figured I’d do the sequel with a much more difficult game: Pokemon Black 2. The selection of Pokemon that I can access is...
  3. SwampySwampert

    Challenge Pokemon Sun: Bug Monotype Run (Kukui Defeated!)

    I've been looking around for a challenge to put myself through for a while that isn't as luck-dependent as a normal Nuzlocke run, and I think I've found it. See, in the original Alola games, there are only ten fully-evolved Pokemon that are at least partly Bug-type and can be encountered before...