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  1. Un passant ordinaire

    Completed [editor's note: Keikaku means plan]

    Florina Liastacia's team: :bw/galvantula: Galvantula [Fulma Cimo (Epseranto - Lightning Bug)] (M) Stage 3/5 Types: Bug/Electric STAB STAB; immune to paralysis status. Abilities: Compoundeyes / Unnerve / Swarm Compoundeyes: This Pokemon's complex eyes give it a comprehensive view of the...
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    Completed Instant emission of bright light

    "AaaaaaTCHA!" Snoty the Acrtozolt[M] NATURE: Serious TYPE: ABILITIES: Volt Absorb / Static / Slush Rush[HIDDEN] STATS: HP: 90 Atk: 5 Def: 4 SpA: 4 SpD: 4 Spe: 55 Size Class: 4 Weight Class: 5 RANK: 1 MOVES: Physical: Avalanche Bolt Beak Icicle Crash Pluck Slam Special: Ancient Power...
  3. Un passant ordinaire

    Profile - Un passant ordinaire

    Just here for the fun. TC: 0 RC: 7 JC: 8 Pokémon team: Dracovish, Arctozolt, Eiscue
  4. Un passant ordinaire

    A cartoon featuring a grandma with a gun

    Toon's team: Lilligant [♀] Rydia Nature: Timid (+15% Speed, +12% Accuracy, -1 Atk) Type: Abilities: Chlorophyll/Own Tempo/Leaf Guard Stats: HP: 90 Atk: 2 (-) Def: 3 SpA: 4 SpD: 3 Spe: 104 (+) (+12% Accuracy) Size Class: 1 Weight Class: 2 Base Rank Total: 19 MC: 0 Attacks Bide Covet Petal...
  5. Un passant ordinaire

    Granny Pie vs TMan: flavored edition

    Granny's team: Aurumoth [Aurum] (Female) "The voice of reason is small, but very persistent." GP first met Aurum when she was still a little Cupra. His mom was stomping around the house and screaming about a "GIANT MONSTER COCKROACH". GP saved Aurum from the blind fury of his mom's stomping...
  6. Un passant ordinaire

    Draft Porygon-Z: Dynamite with a laser beam

    Porygon-Z: Dynamite with a laser beam Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. Today's topic will be our favorite Virtual Pokémon: Porygon-Z. That little guy is known for its theorical status of "Hyper Beamer" thanks to its high Special Attack and Adaptability, enabling it to use a deadly 300 BP move on...
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    TMan87: Daraen | Espeon (Male) Interestingly enough, while this Eevee is your average Eevee in terms of cuteness, he's also extremely acute and perceptive. Aimlessly wandering around isn't his thing: he has everything planned out and carefully tailored towards optimization. That serves him...
  8. Un passant ordinaire

    Super Balloon Challenge: Toon

    Only users Toon, the current referee, the RP owner and active moderators should post in this thread. You decided to take on Mothim Balloon with Sam the Piplup. Challenge: Bring the Balloon's HP to 0 Timer: 2 rounds Balloon Effects: This Balloon will hold on to 1 HP if its HP would be brought...
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    TMAN: LoL: LoL SEO TMan SEO I ref
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    Profiles Profile: Un passant ordinaire

    Trainer Name: Un passant ordinaire #30/08/2018 Dear Diary, The past two weeks were very strange and intense. I encouter strange things every day, but these got absolutely nothing on the past events that happened to me. It all began the 18th of August, when I woke up in the middle of nowhere...
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    Late flavor

    TMan87's team: Unlike other members of the team who like to tank hits and hit hard in return, Emi's all about speed. She was the team's fastest member for a while, and her unique fighting style revolves around dashing at blinding speeds to hit the opponent before retreating out of harm. She...
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    Granny Pie fix that cap lock

    Tynamo [Unagi] (Male)Types: Electric Electric: Electric STAB; immune to paralysis status. Ability: Levitate (Passive) This Pokemon naturally floats above the earth when released or easily takes flight, evading the Ground moves Bulldoze, Earthquake, Fissure, and Magnitude. Earth Power will have...
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    Maxim Grubbin [Thor] (M) Nature: Modest (+1 SpA, -1 Atk) Type: Bug/Electric Abilities: Battery Stats: HP: 100 Atk: Rank 2 (-) Def: Rank 3 SpA: Rank 3 (+) SpD: Rank 3 Spe: 36 Size Class: 1 Weight Class: 2 Base Rank Total: 16 EC: 4/9 MC: 0 Attacks (22/Maximum): Level Up: Acrobatics Bite...
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    VirajVora VS P2X7, 1v1, etc.

    VirajVora's team: Lucario[Male] Types: Fighting/Steel Fighting - Fighting STAB; ignore weight restrictions on Circle Throw, Seismic Toss, Sky Drop, Storm Throw, Submission, and Vital Throw. Steel - Steel STAB; immune to Sandstorm damage, immune to Poison/Toxic status, but can be corroded...
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    Doritos triangles

    tavok Subway (Clawitzer (M)) Nature: Modest (+SpA, -Atk) Type: - Water: Water STAB; Ignores arena restrictions on Water attacks that require an external water source. Evasive Diving reduced from 6 per action Energy Cost to 5 per action. Abilities: - Mega Launcher (Passive): This Pokemon...
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    Boy I haven't reffed anything for a while now

    nightblitz42's team: Necturine (Citrine) (M) Types: Grass / Ghost Abilities: Anticipation / Telepathy (HIDDEN) Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpA) Stats: HP: 90 Atk: 3 (+) Def: 3 SpA: 1 (-) SpD: 3 Spe: 51 Size Class: 1 Weight Class: 1 Base Rank Total: 14 EC: 0/6 MC: 0 AC: 0/5 Attacks (18/66)...
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    Complications Marill (M) Tryndamere Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -Sp. Atk) Abilities: Thick Fat/Huge Power/Sap Sipper (HA Locked) Type: Water/Fairy Stats: HP: 100 Atk: 2 ( 4 with Huge Power, +) Def: 2 Sp. Atk: 0 (-) Sp. Def: 2 Spe: 40 Total: 11 (13 with Huge Power) Size Class: 1 Weight Class: 1...
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    Two sides of a triangle have an angle

    Birkal Retch | Salandit (F) [Nature] Brave (+Atk | -Spe | -10% Evasion) [Type] Poison | Fire [Abilities] Corrosion Oblivious (X) [Stats] HP: 90 Atk: Rank 3 (+) Def: Rank 2 SpA: Rank 3 SpD: Rank 2 Spe: 66 (-) S&W: 1 | 1 Total: 14 [Tokens] EC: 3 | 6 AC: 3 | 5 MC: 9 [Learned Moves] [24 |...
  19. Un passant ordinaire

    P2X7 VS Flamestar. Some nice LC here.

    P2X7's team Rockruff [Hozier] (M) Nature: Adamant (+1 Atk, -1 SpA) Type: Rock Rock: Rock STAB; Adds an additional level of Priority (+0 to +1, +3 to +4) on naturally occurring level-up, egg, tutor, or TM attacks that increase only defense, special defense, or prevent damage (Full List: Acid...
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    Believe in me who believes in you

    Horixon's team: Drillbur [Female] [Decker] Types: Ground Abilities: Sand Rush / Sand Force / Mold Breaker (H(L)) Nature: Adamant (+1 Atk, -1 SpA) Stats: HP: 100 Atk: 4 (+) Def: 2 SpA: 1 (-) SpD: 2 Spe: 68 Size Class: 1 Weight Class: 1 Base Rank Total: 15 EC: 4/6 MC: 0 AC: 1/5 Attacks...