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  1. Frosty

    The Legend Run: (Elevator Music) Seven Seas of Fake Out (take 3)

    "Oh dear lord, do I need to finish this?" Manaphy: Brine (Aurumoth) - Chill Seaking: Surf - Hydro Pump (Aurumoth) BURN Necturna and aurumoth burned ACTION 1! MAX REVIVE Seaking used Surf! (-6en) Crit: 2 8 4 (no) Damage: vs Manaphy: ((9*0.75+3+3-1.5)*0.67+4)*0.25= +2.88hp vs Necturna...
  2. Frosty

    [POISON] Leader Yoshiblaze vs Challenger acidphoenix

    Yoshiblaze : 2CC Drapion: 4MC Tentacruel: 4MC DQ
  3. Frosty

    [DYAE R2] S0L1D G0LD vs Frosty

    Giga Drain - Power Whip - Giga Drain IF Stealth Rocks are on Dhelmise's side of the field THEN Rapid Spin [ONCE] IF Golem is not under a substitute AND not under protect THEN Knock Off and push back [ONCE] IF Golem is not under a substitute AND not under protect AND Golem has 30 or more hp more...
  4. Frosty

    [LLAMA R2] JJayyFeather vs S0L1D G0LD

    DQ Warning JJayyFeather
  5. Frosty

    Ongoing Temporary Leaves of Absence (formerly permanent)

    due to the particular state of my RL, I won't make it alive of the reset. soo - If I am reffing your match on the main forum, get a subref - If I am reffing your TLR, then you are Emma and I will finish it. But won't take new ones (and I don't expect new challenges anyway) - If I am reffing...
  6. Frosty

    The Legend Run: (Elevator Music) Seven Seas of Fake Out (take 3)

    Elevator Music DQ in 48h I don't care about the circunstances. One month passed again.
  7. Frosty

    [Voting] ze clusterfuc---I MEAN Sig Z-Crystals

    can somebody do something about this?
  8. Frosty

    [DYAE R2] S0L1D G0LD vs Frosty

    Switch to dhelmise
  9. Frosty

    [DYAE R2] S0L1D G0LD vs Frosty

    Pain Split - COMBO (Protect + Magic Coat) - cooldown
  10. Frosty

    [DYAE R2] S0L1D G0LD vs Frosty

    Ambipom has 2 spd.
  11. Frosty

    Revamp Progress Announcement #1

    I need to stress this further. Everything else that is being done in this revamp is not only moot but harmful even, if you dont do something to solve the influx problem. Messing with mechanics is easier because it is known territory. Advertising isnt. But dont be fooled. If this revamp isnt...
  12. Frosty

    Revamp Progress Announcement #1

    Mixed feelings here but ok. You are banking a lot on new players tho, and you gotta keep it in mind. Because not only you are making it attractive to new players, but also you punish the older players in a way. This is not necessarily a bad choice, even though this will probably break this...
  13. Frosty

    ASB Council #17 - Applications Thread

    can't you just implement mod oligarchy? council only makes sense if there are people on the council that are not mods. I am willing to bet my pants that most if not all the councilmembers will be mods. At least that way we won't end up waiting many months for the god damn council members to...
  14. Frosty

    [LLAMA R2] JJayyFeather vs S0L1D G0LD

    Hp: 100 En: 100 5/4/2/5/94 Other: Item: Ghostium-Z Hp: 110 En: 100 5/3/3/4/43 Other: Item: Rocky Helmet Round 1! DATA: ACTION 1! Necturna used Soak! (-8en) Muk used Crunch! (-6en) Crit: 13 (no) Effect: 6 (no) Damage: (8+1.5)*1.5= 14.25hp Poison Touch: 1/10 (yes) Necturna lost 2hp due to...
  15. Frosty

    Data ASB HIGHLIGHT MATCH #13: JJayyFeather vs Toon

    JJayyFeather: (ABO) - Stealth Rock Hp: 66 En: 78 4/3/3/6/40 Other: Item: Everstone Porygon-Z (N) HP: 75 En: 84 Ranks: 2/3/6/3 Speed: 90 SC/WC: 1/3 Abilities: Adaptability / Download / Analytic Item: Shed Shell Stats: N/A Status: N/A Other: N/A Deoxys-D (N) HP: 61 En: 58 Ranks: 4/7/3/6...
  16. Frosty

    [DYAE R2] S0L1D G0LD vs Frosty

    Lady Maria the Toxapex with Shed Shell Toxic Spikes - Sludge Wave - Toxic Spikes IF Tail Slap AND this sub didn't trigger on the action prior AND Ambipom isn't poisoned THEN Baneful Banker and push back IF Bounce AND Toxapex is not to Toxic Spikes THEN Toxic Spikes on the first instance...
  17. Frosty

    [LLAMA 2] Round 1 - Group 3: smashlloyd20 vs acidphoenix

    *points to sig* Also 3 months passed here so the DQ is actually 1-day. acidphoenix is DQ'd smashlloyd20: 3CC, 8UC Elevator Music and Earth Traveler can go ahead and calc their prizes here. I won't claim any UC so that part is moot.
  18. Frosty

    LLAMA 2.0 - Shared Edition: Round 2 Pairings

    acidphoenix is DQ'd due to no teams Dogfish44 gets the win.
  19. Frosty

    Data Renaming ASB

    Originally the name was "capasb" It was changed to just "asb" because, while at the begining we were a thread on the cap subforum, we've long since parted ways with it. We use caps as part of our roster, and much blood, sweat and tears were shed discussing whether that was desirable, but we...
  20. Frosty

    The Legend Run: (TMan87) Siren Sands

    ACTION 1! Dugtrio used Earthquake! (-6en) Crit: 11 (no) Damage: (10+3+6+1+2)*1.5= 33hp Lucario used Counter Combo! (-85.75en) Damage: 33*1.5*1.5= 74.25hp ACTION 2! Dugtrio used Bulldoze! (-4en) Lucario fainted! *Lucario* Hp: KO En: KO 4/2/4/3/104 Other: Item: Mega Stone *Slowking* Hp...