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  1. LeviLamprey

    Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker, Carpenter, Oyster...Flower?

    BUTCHER, BAKER, CANDLESTICK MAKER! NOW WITH THE OYSTER, CARPENTER AND WALRUS...ERR FLOWER! I'm not sure what to say here. The BBBFC is a highly eclectic but highly effective all-tiers team made only from RU Pokemon: the brussel sprouts of the dessert selection. It started out basically as a...
  2. LeviLamprey

    6v6 Brawl, deadfox081 vs Ragnarokalex!

    OK, so this is all Terrador's hard work, but I'm just posting this for him because he unfortuantely has an ICBB status at this moment! Well, OK!
  3. LeviLamprey

    A Lamprey Ate My Homework

    EDIT: Ignore this OP. The image resolution here from my camera resize is awful. Skip to my later updates, 'kay? Plus these are actually all really half-assed and bad blah blah blah... Okay, well, um, hi. It's the useless troll that hangs around Smogon. I like to draw on paper (no drawing pad...
  4. LeviLamprey

    Our Splendiferous Lexicon-From 'Absquatulating' to 'Zyzzyva'

    Salutations fellow Smogonites! Okay, dropping the attitude for a second. This is a thread where you can post the most amazing and awesome words in the English (and other) language. I'll get the ball paradiddling along! Three Words: 1. antipedobaptism (but it sounds like something else relating...
  5. LeviLamprey

    Bumbling Buneary-Embarrassing or Stupid Moments

    So, I know this isn't what many of us regard as an interesting topic, but being a daydreaming klutz, I thought it would be fun to read about other people's blunders or stupid moments. They don't have to be yours, but make sure they're relevant! I'll start: I was sleeping at my aunt's house (age...