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  1. shadowpandax

    Durant (BW2 Update) (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2)

    Taking over for SteelEdges. Durant [Overview] One of the tier's premier offensive threats thanks to its high Speed and Attack that is bolstered even further by Hustle Can perform a whole variety of roles, from wallbreaker to sweeper to reliable revenge killer Good Steel / Bug typing and...
  2. shadowpandax

    Scrafty (Choice Band) (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2)

    Taking this over for EonADS. Of course, credit of the skeleton goes to him. I edited the skeleton with some minor changes that were mentioned in the previous thread, but nothing too huge. [SET] name: Choice Band move 1: Hi Jump Kick move 2: Crunch move 3: Ice Punch / Stone Edge move 4: Drain...
  3. shadowpandax

    UU Threatlist Update (OP is outdated, see posts 12 and 13)

    The UU threatlist desperately needs an update, so I went through the current threatlist and removed any Pokemon that were irrelevant to the metagame and added the Pokemon in the UU tier that were missing from the list, along with some perfectly viable Pokemon. Oh yeah, if you didn't notice, I'm...
  4. shadowpandax

    Archeops (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2)

    Archeops [Overview] <p>With its phenomenal 140/112/110 offenses, Archeops is a regular wrecking ball of flying fury. Its overall good movepool, along with new toys from BW2, such as Heat Wave and Roost, allows Archeops to become a scary Pokemon to deal with. However, there's a reason...
  5. shadowpandax

    Sigilyph (QC 4/3) (GP 2/2)

    Sigilyph [Overview] <p>Sigilyph is one of those Pokemon that has always been able to stand out in RU. With an amazing ability in Magic Guard giving it an immunity to any residual damage, Sigilyph can become a well-rounded threat in any match. Its good Special Attack and Speed give it scary...