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  1. MewTheDestroyer

    Pfft, Defog is Weak (Peak 2,500+)

    Hello there. Mew here bringing his first Generation 6 OU team. This team was pretty much just to abuse the living daylights out of the brokenness that is Generation 6 OU as of now. The idea of this team was to throw up hazards whenever they can be thrown up. Don't waste time with...
  2. MewTheDestroyer

    A Late Night Storm! (Peaked 1950 on PS!)

    So, you thought I'd never be here making an Ubers team, eh? Well, wrong! I'm here to present possibly my best Ubers team, peaking 1430 on the Pokemon Online ladder, and 1950 on the Pokemon Showdown! ladder. Without further ado, let's get into the team itself. Teambuilding So, I wanted to...
  3. MewTheDestroyer

    OU Hail (First RMT Here :3)

    Hey, all you Smogon forum users! My name is MewTheDestroyer, and this is my first RMT here. I made this team in 5 minutes, like I do with every team, and it looks pretty good! I did a test battle, and I got a 5-0 victory, so yay for me :3, if I need to add something to the RMT, feel free to...