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  1. Chase

    Niggas in Kalos (Joint Trade Thread)

    READ. MY. FUCKING. RULES. BEFORE. POSTING. Friend Code: 4828-5034-5899 In-Game Name: Chase Version: Pokémon Y (ENG) Vivillon Pattern: Marine Friend Safari: Vivillon, Paras & Illumise Time Zone: Italy (GMT +1) First of all, I don't really give a shit about collecting every pokémon in the...
  2. Chase

    Watch Out! Mushroomz!

    TEAM BUILDING After thousands of annoying battles against this monster, i decided to start the team with him, Breloom. Breloom has big troubles against Psychic pokèmons like Celebi and anything that can resist to Focus Punch and Seed Bomb, like Salamence and obviously heatran and others...