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  1. MegaFlareon

    Blastoise [QC 0/2]

    [SET] name: Shell Smash move 1: Shell Smash move 2: Hydro Pump / Surf move 3: Ice Beam move 4: Dark Pulse / Aura Sphere item: White Herb ability: Torrent nature: Modest evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Blastoise is a Shell Smash sweeper that fits well on offensive teams. Its good...
  2. MegaFlareon

    ORAS OU Reign of Pinsir

    Hello guys! I have really wanted to make a good OU team for a long time and after months of failing to do so, I think I finally built a decent one. I wanted to build a rain offense team with the addition of Mega Pinsir since it breaks down many of the archetypes that shut down rain teams such as...
  3. MegaFlareon

    Kicks and Magic (Hitmonlee-Delphox core)

    I have been playing Pokemon Showdown for quite a while now. I am mostly a UU player but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and explore other tiers. I started playing RarelyUsed. Being a fan of Delphox in Pokemon XY, I started building a team around it and another favorite in Hitmonlee. At...
  4. MegaFlareon

    ORAS UU Team Blastoisinite

    Hello there everyone! I've been playing Pokemon Showdown for a lot of time. I have played on all tiers, from Ubers to PU, and I have found UU to be my favorite. This is mostly due to the fact that it my favorite Pokemon, Blastoise, is in this tier. It also happens to be a very balanced tier...