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  1. Mart

    RU SM RU Cup IV - Signups

    in :psygrump:
  2. Mart

    SS OU Suspect Process - Round 1, Voting

    Dynamax: Ban
  3. Mart

    Announcement SS OU Suspect Process, Round 1 - Voter Identification Thread

    Confirming as OUTM Martincho TPP edit: confirmed
  4. Mart

    UU USM UU Ladder Tournament - Week 1

    UULT1 Tristana
  5. Mart

    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for April 2019 (May @ #41) (June @ #75)

    This is for the april fools day , no problem bros...
  6. Mart

    PU 2019 USM PU Ladder Tournament: Week 2

    LTBop MendesArmy
  7. Mart

    USUM PU Suspect process - Stage 5.5 Voting

    Houndoom: Ban
  8. Mart

    USUM RU Suspect Process - Round 6 Voting

    Zygarde-10%: Do Not Ban
  9. Mart

    Metagame USUM PU Houndoom Suspect Test - Alt identification thread

    Confirming as PUH Cerdo
  10. Mart

    Metagame NP: USUM PU Stage 5.5: At Doom's Gate (Tier Shift @ post 41)

    Hey bros, well i complete the suspecs and i believe that Houndoom is very broken in PU. Why? He have a diferent sets and have a good speed and SPA (he is more fast than Oricorio, Stoutland, Skuntank, Mesprit and Qwilfish). I seen that houndoom is used with with ZGrass, Choice Specs, Choice...
  11. Mart

    Announcement SM RU Suspect Process, Round 11 - Voter ID Thread

    Confirming as RUSZ Malamente
  12. Mart

    Tournament 2019 PU Official Roomtours

    Let's go Oathkeepre!!
  13. Mart

    Ok, i'm on

    Ok, i'm on
  14. Mart

    Today is the last day.

    Today is the last day.
  15. Mart

    In 1 hour, i have to go

    In 1 hour, i have to go