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  1. ankyfdarkness

    Ankyfdarkness' Trade Center

    Welcome to my shop! I have a collection of Pokemon for trade from previous generations, most RNG'ed by me. I do not breed 6 gen stuff for trade, because if I want a breedable Kalos Pokemon I'll do it myself. :P Rules are simple. 1. All trades are one Poke for one Poke. Again, this seems...
  2. ankyfdarkness


    How’s it going, Smogon? I just adore warstories to no end. Right from the time I started getting more active in the competitive community I could tell just how much I was going to enjoy reading them. (And maybe even writing my own.) That being said, this is my first one ever, and...
  3. ankyfdarkness

    Ferrothorn for Free!

    THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER! THE WINNERS NEED TO CONTACT ME WHILE WE'RE BOTH ON TO CLAIM THEIR POKEMON. So, I absolutely love giveaways but more impotently I like helping people just getting started here. For that reason I'm giving away 10 Ferrothorns for free. Well, for some of you. Let me...
  4. ankyfdarkness

    D/P Music

    To satisfy my own curiosity do any of you have extreme nostalgic memories from the Sinnoh regions music? I was playing Heart Gold and listened to the Sinnoh march on Thursday and was like "I really miss playing platinum." This was weird because I thought you were suppose to have nostalgia from...