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  1. Percussionist

    Super Cool Things, Inquire Inside

    Hello Smogon RMT Forum! I was messing around with UU because OU is herp derp weather right now, I built myself my most successful team yet. I got to about 75 on the leaderboard, at about 1100 points, which I'd say is pretty good since I've been playing competetive for a couple weeks now. Anyway...
  2. Percussionist

    Percussionist's Trade Thread

    *Banners by Luxpluff91 Welcome All! Rules: Follow all of Smogon’s official rules Do not trade me hacked Pokemon. None of my Pokemon are hacked. I will also try my best not to trade you any hacked Pokemon. If you believe I traded you a hacked Pokemon, please contact me so we can work it...