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  1. TM13IceBeam

    a flower that isn't a grass-type [Florges]

    wow fuck the most used mon in the tier doesn't have a thread Florges Type: Fairy/Grass 78 HP / 65 Atk / 68 Def / 112 SpA / 154 SpD / 75 Spe Abilities (seriously?): Flower Veil - Prevents lowering of stats of ally Grass-type Pokemon. Useless in singles because Trollfreak. At least Florges...
  2. TM13IceBeam


    Gentlemen, meet your new god. HP: 70 Attack: 60 Defense: 125 Special Attack: 115 Special Defense: 70 Speed: 55 Abilities Swift Swim: Doubles Speed under Rain Shell Armor: Cannot be criticaled. DW: Weak Armor: -1 Def and +1 Spe when hit by an attack Moves Decent shit in bold 1: Constrict...
  3. TM13IceBeam

    Fossils Attack!

    Fossils Attack! At a Glance: So yeah, this team may look like another lame Rain Dance team, but hey, give me some credit! I actually made this team during the Abomasnow era, and I struggled for a while. And then the best piece of news happened: Abomasnow got banned! Yay...
  4. TM13IceBeam

    New DW ability release

    According to the ticker that's above currently... What exactly is the definition of new DW moves? Because I've been using a Mach Punch Unburden Hitmonlee for a few battles and it worked fine(i.e. I'm not put into Dream World), under normal circumstances it shouldn't have worked since Hitmonlee...
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    I've been looking around the subforum for a thread for him, and turns out there isn't one on him (there was one for chan lol) Really should deserve one now that his DW ability is released MEGA KICK HP: 50 Attack: 120 Defense: 53 Special Attack: 35 Special Defense: 110 Speed: 87 Abilities...
  6. TM13IceBeam

    Conversion 2

    How exactly does Conversion 2 work in PO? Changes user into a new type that resists / is immune to the last attack to hit the user. Yeah right. Start of turn 49 Windows 360 used Ice Beam! The foe's Blissey lost 5% of its health! The foe's Blissey used Psychic! Windows 360 lost 33 HP! (8% of...