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    SPL 8 Creative Sets

    come one, come all. if you don't want to post an entire thread with your teams, then this is the place for you. if you don't wanna reveal your whole team and just wanna show a cool set, then this is the place for you. hell if you wanna post all 9 of your teams in this thread, then be my guest...
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    Charles Barkley: It wasn't a dream, it really happened!

    SS Anne Serperiors (rank 1) vs Mikan Island Monsters (rank 4) ORAS Doubles: Laurel vs makiri ORAS Doubles: Laga vs TheFourthChaser BW Doubles: @arcticblast vs Mizuhime DoUUbles: Audiosurfer vs Feathers because pookar is banned DUbers: orch vs Zubat Tramplers (rank 2) vs Space Jams (rank 3) ORAS...
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    SDPL Week 5

    <3 13ulbasaur Final Week of round robin vs Oreburgh City Ancients vs Mossdeep City Space Jams ORAS Doubles: Hashtag vs Pinoy Pwnage ORAS Doubles: Benja299 vs Hikari BW Doubles: AuraRayquaza vs -Tsunami- DoUUbles: KyleCole vs Level 51 DUbers: Haruno vs Edgar vs Tohjo Tramplers vs SS Anne...
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    SDPL Week 4

    <3 13ulbasaur Week 4 vs Mossdeep City Space Jams vs SS Anne Serperiors ORAS Doubles: Shaian vs Laurel ORAS Doubles: Hikari vs Enki BW Doubles: -Tsunami- vs Laga DoUUbles: Level 51 vs @arcticblast DUbers: Edgar vs orch vs Tohjo Tramplers vs Mikan Island Monsters ORAS Doubles: BLOOD TOTEM vs...
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    SDPL Week 3

    <3 13ulbasaur Week 3 vs SS Anne Serperiors vs Mikan Island Monsters ORAS Doubles: Laga vs makiri ORAS Doubles: Laurel vs TheFourthChaser BW Doubles: Audiosurfer vs Mizuhime DoUUbles: Arcticblast vs Feathers DUbers: orch vs Zubat vs Tohjo Tramplers vs Oreburgh Ancients ORAS Doubles: BLOOD...
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    SDPL Week 2

    Amazing job on getting battles done loves, keep it up <3 13ulbasaur Week 2 vs SS Anne Serperiors vs Slateport City Spindas ORAS Doubles: Laurel vs Terraquaza ORAS Doubles: Enki vs Tricking BW Doubles: laga vs Pwnemon DoUUbles: audiosurfer vs xzern DUbers: orch vs Hack vs Tohjo Tramplers vs...
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    SDPL Week 1

    <3 13ulbasaur Week 1 level 51 dosent like art vs Oreburgh Ancients/Hentai Crew (1) vs SS AAAAAAAAAAAnne Serperiors (3) ORAS Doubles: Benja299 vs Laurel ORAS Doubles: Haruno vs Arcticblast BW Doubles: AuraRayquaza vs Laga ORAS DoUUbles: KyleCole vs Audiosurfer ORAS dUbers: Hashtag vs orch...
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    SDPL Talk/Limericks/Memes/etc

    approved by pwne Please redirect various talk here and keep the shitposting at a higher standard than totem's. thank you #TRAMPLERS
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    XY Doubles Knights of the Sun

    ty bear and shaian for art <3 finally here. wanted to make an rmt because reading rmts is how i learned how to play pokemon as a young’un. this team is far and away my favorite team ever created because of its service through thick and thin in tournaments since the start of xy. teambuilding...
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    Smogon Doubles Premier League Player and Captain signup (post #45 with updates)

    <3 13ulbasaur Hello The doubles room will be hosting a spl-like tournament Kinks are still being worked out and this document is being edited as new information is finalized. Current list of people signed up here Important parts about the tour: This is a short deadline tour considering it is PS...
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    Doubles Team Trials: WON BY THE GODS, predicted by pwne

    op: Round 3 lgi Team Free Agents vs Team Mako Fan Club Lasagne vs CycoVision Sunny. vs pomodoro Level 56 vs Makolicious Team Top Cut vs Team All Hail Mizuzu Matt vs McMeghan finally vs Audiosurfer...
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    Latios Skeleton

    Latios rip dragon gem. rip base power of moves 80/90/80/130/110/110 Overview ######## strong spatker with base 130 spatk. dragon psychic coverage is cool base 110 speed beats the onslaught of base 100's levitatin above other niggas primarily runs specs and lo now got weaker with gen 6 bc of...