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  1. B&W Research Thread

    Ah, which is also correct. In that case this should be mentioned there too, as it is relevant.
  2. B&W Research Thread

    I have in game tests that contradict the current statements. " Using Legit-Hacked Level 100 Sableye Used Trickery on level 50 wild Fearow. Almost One hit KO'd Next level 50 wild Fearow Used Will-O-The-Wisp One hit KO'd given the earlier turns burn damage. This implies that using trickery on...
  3. Foul Play

    Foul play isn't about speed. It is a move designed for bulky Pokemon walling strong frail physical attackers or on a Special attacker using it to go mixed(which isn't very bright seeing most walls have low attack). Given the limited pool of users I would say Will-O-The-Wisp Sableye and...
  4. Foul Play

    That said, while i have tested this confirmation from someone in the research thread should look into it. The way it worked in my tests was that a burned opponent will not change the trickery users damage, but if the person using Trickery is burned they do half damage, suggesting that burn...
  5. Sableye

    The way burn works is that it halves your damage, not your attack value. I tested it in game a while back.
  6. Sableye

    I have found Trickery and Night-Shade to be excellant last spot options. Trickery is unaffected by their burns, and seems to work really well.
  7. Feraligatr

    With a spinner the fighting, bug, and ground resistance/immunity make up way more than grass neutrality, rock weak, and lower stats. Gyarados is hands down better with a spinner. SR keeps Gyara in check a ton, the thing is a beast.
  8. Moody

    feint? They rely on protect so perhaps using a move that nullifies protect would work. It requires prediction but you can likely hurt the strategy in anything but ideal circumstances. Especially on Toxicroak.
  9. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 1 - ...wait, I'm not Jumpman16!

    While my team has Breloom, it is a subseed varient w/out mach punch or technician. I have never had problems with Dory. I usually lose a poke and then win. Here is how it goes. Dory hits the field. I switch in scizor or Flygon on the SD/EQ. If Scizor I bullet punch to pop the Baloon. If...
  10. Ditto

    Transform fails on Sub. Thus making Sub incredibly important. And making defensive boosts more important. Dragon Dance is less good whiel Bulk up and the like are better(although still having that annoying crit thingy.)
  11. B&W Research Thread

    The Following situation just happened in game. Choice Scarfed Hydra ran out of PP on a move during a double battle. I used a potion on it. The next turn I could choose a new move. Is this old or new? I know there is no competitive viability but it's interested.
  12. Ditto

    Lead Ditto. Who needs a Stealthrocker, use their Lead against them and keep a phenomenal revenge killer. Ditto is gonna be huge.
  13. Pokemon Black and White (SPECULATIONS ALLOWED HERE)

    A thought. Gen 1 Mewtwo Gen 2 Lugia Ho-Oh Gen 3 Kyogre Groudon Rayquaza Gen4 Palkia Dialga Giratina Arceus Gen 5 5 epic legendaries.
  14. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 23 (READ THE OP)

    On what grounds is it illegal. Is it not programmed into Shoddy, or did it get banned, because as far as I know there is no Custap Berry Clause, implying it is legal in standard play where it exists.
  15. Pokemon Black & White, aka Gen 5. Coming to Japan in Fall 2010.

    I've seen a single calc figuring out the max(I think), I'm asking for both max and min so a range can be obtained. I'd do them myself if I knew how. From there we can discuss what seems to be the most likely stat distribution etc.
  16. Pokemon Black & White, aka Gen 5. Coming to Japan in Fall 2010.

    I'm not exactly how to do the calcs on this, but if we figure out Zoroarks base stats assuming it has both 0 and 31 IV's we'll get a good idea of the possible range of it's base stats. Could someone figure that out? It would be pretty cool to know the total possibilities.
  17. Pokemon Black & White, aka Gen 5. Coming to Japan in Fall 2010.

    I liked the Smugleaf Evo and Insecttar looking thing. Even Wotter's Evo looks good. I'm kinda worried that the demon thing is a Koffing Prevo though.
  18. Pokemon Black & White, aka Gen 5. Coming to Japan in Fall 2010.

    Gliscor is more Useful. Weezing has immunity to toxic and can use WoW to half their attack, something few physical walls can do. Weezing just lacks the crazy awesome adapability and recovery Gliscor has, although Gliscor really could use one more attack slot.(EQ, U-Turn, Taunt, Roost, SR would...
  19. Pokemon Black & White, aka Gen 5. Coming to Japan in Fall 2010.

    I assumed it would be magnetism, which is entirely different from electricity.
  20. Pokemon Black & White, aka Gen 5. Coming to Japan in Fall 2010.

    I'm just gonna go ahead and call fake. In reference to your sig, I'll give you Zek, but all originality in Reshi goes to Pat Rothfuss(He's an author. The name Reshi appeared in his book years ago. I'm of the opinion Reshiram is a refernace to that character(Kvothe))