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  1. Official Smogon Tournament XII - Signups

    Well I guess this is as good a reason as any to get back into the game! In.
  2. Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers MKII (Read the OP First!) (Now with 100% more Rules!!!)

    I'm looking to get back into playing competitively after about a year away from Showdown (almost two years away, aside from a brief return after ORAS launched), and while looking through the viability rankings I've noticed Manaphy's sitting up in S Rank, despite being a complete non-entity in...
  3. Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    Given that we've now got an ORAS viability ranking thread, does that mean it's assumed we've found all the new changes that are coming via data mining or is it just preemptive to the games coming out in the knowledge that more new stuff could be on the way?
  4. Other ORAS Mega Speculation Thread (NO talk about potential bans NOR Aegislash)

    Wow, where did we get the stats for all the new megas from? Is this all from the demo?
  5. CAP 19 CAP 19 - Part 11 - Sprite Poll 1

  6. CAP 19 CAP 19 - Part 9 - Non-Attacking Moves Poll

    Allow Defog Allow Rapid Spin Allow Stealth Rock
  7. CAP 19 CAP 19 - Part 8 - Art Poll 3

  8. CAP 19 CAP 19 - Part 8 - Art Poll 1

  9. CAP 19 CAP 19 - Part 6 - Stat Spread Poll 1

    Elite Lord Sigma
  10. CAP 19 CAP 19 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Poll 1

    Iron Barbs / Rough Skin
  11. CAP 19 CAP 19 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 1

  12. Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    I'm thinking of getting back into battling on Showdown since the new game reveal rekindled my interest in Pokemon after Hearthstone took over as my turn-based strategy game of choice back in December. I haven't touched Pokemon at all since then, so I'm pretty out of the loop. Could somebody...
  13. CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 11 - Sprite Poll 2

  14. CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 8 - Art Poll 2

  15. CAP 18 CAP 18 - Part 8 - Art Poll 1

  16. Pre-bank OU, peak 1920(ish)

    Hi all, So yeah, I've been running this team for the last few weeks and it's been doing pretty well. It's consistently held onto scores of 1900+ (it's the first team I've made which has broken onto the top 500 ladder for a current gen OU, which was nice) and is currently sitting on 1910. I'm...