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  1. What's your favourite main series Pokémon game?

    Gen IV because that is where I achieved GREATNESS.
  2. The Most Facepalm Worthy Thing You Have Done in All of Pokémon

    Allowing THIS outrageous thing to happen
  3. The most amazing thing you have done in Pokémon?

    I managed to become a famous Pokemon League champion. How about the rest of you.
  4. Entry Hazards - Are They Broken?

    In my opinion, as well as the majority of Smogon, I do NOT think the move Stealth Rock is broken. Like many people have said, it helps counter sashes and multiscales. The rocks will also make players think carefully about switching. If you think you will be at a disadvantage because of...
  5. Suggestions

    A "move clock." The "kick inactive player" button doesn't really stop an opponent who usually makes a move with less than thirty seconds to go on the inactivity clock for several turns in a row.
  6. Extreme Hyper Offense (Dual Screens)

    I tested this team and I say KEEP THE MENCE for late game sweeps. That, and your team bows down to those bulky physical walls & phazers.
  7. Hardest Relative NPC

    I am a pretty powerful NPC during my battles.
  8. Best In-Game World Map

    My favorite Pokemon country, state, whatever, is Sinnoh. Not because I am the champion of Sinnoh, but it has the underground digsites, as well as a long mountain range that extends across the country, state or whatever (similar to the Rockies)
  9. November 2012 OU Stats

    My Garchomp remains in the top 10, but she will soon overtake Dragonite and reclaim the top dragon title.
  10. Scarf-dos Team

    I like that you added a Roserade. Roserade is one of my personal favorites. BTW, Genesect is 'uber,' so you don't have to worry about him.