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  1. healthy lifestyle thread

    What's your opinions on elliptical machines in comparison to running outdoors? Looking at using it for days where I can't get outdoors and to give my knees a rest sometimes, not a replacement
  2. The Smogon 5K Challenge

    Well my goal was 25 but I plateaued at 25:32... But I decided to work on building distance too, im now at 8k in about 48min so on track for an hour 10k. But I've worked out for me variation keeps me motivated so ill also do some interval stuff as well just to keep it all mixed up. So even though...
  3. The Smogon 5K Challenge

    Cut over a minute off my pr to 25:32, though I felt excellent today and thought I paced my run really well. Probably not a sustainable time though, I'd be really happy to just stay around that level the next few times even if I don't improve
  4. Serious Relationships and Sex Ed Thread

    So you're saying there's a line between what minors views you can compromise on and what is pat of "your very self"? Sounds kind of nebulous to me...
  5. Serious Relationships and Sex Ed Thread

    I've read that in a relationship you need to give as well as take (so compromise) yet on the other hand stay true to your own values. How do you reconcile these two bits of advice?
  6. The Smogon 5K Challenge

    Cut my initial time by 16s to 26:38 :) was aiming for 26:30 that run but its still an improvement. Goal time of 25 looks difficult but hopefully attainable
  7. The Smogon 5K Challenge

    Just finished first 5k :) so ill register Gender: M Age: 15-19 Current PR: 26:54 Time from this week: 26:54 goal: sub 25 if my time improves before the week deadline can I change it?
  8. healthy lifestyle thread

    Okay im just about to finish c25k and wondering what to do next. I want to increase my distance as well as 5k speed, so a plan I was thinking was alternating between: -timed 5ks -distance runs, increasing distance by 500m each run Assuming I run 3 times a week that's about a mile gain every...
  9. The Smogon 5K Challenge

    Perfect, I just finished (okay one week to go but close enough) c25k. Never run a 5k yet so ill post my "pr" when I get one lol.
  10. Serious Relationships and Sex Ed Thread

    Anyone have any techniques for dealing with awkward silences in conversations? Sometimes it feels good to soak up the moment but 99% of the time im sitting there thinking "wth am i going to say" =.=
  11. healthy lifestyle thread

    After progressing well on c25k, just couldn't do week 8 (2 3/4 miles/4.5km). Feels bad... (sorry just needed to vent)
  12. healthy lifestyle thread

    I've read from several sources (admittedly nothing scientific, more from pro athlete autobiographies) that wearing several pairs of socks whilst running is good for cushioning the feet and preventing them from getting sore. Anyone have experience with this?
  13. healthy lifestyle thread

    Seriously tempted to, but I'm enjoying my noob running too much right now haha (week 4 c25k, yay!?)
  14. healthy lifestyle thread

    Hey guys, considering starting to lift in the new year and will start working on my form from now, but I'm trying to work out whether stronglift or SS is better for me. I tried googling this but it only turned out to stronglift v SS cultism :/ Anyway I've never lifted before if thats relevant...
  15. healthy lifestyle thread

    though so, thanks anyway
  16. healthy lifestyle thread

    Sorry, just reposting this since I had the same issue today and I'm sort of worried that I'm wasting my time
  17. healthy lifestyle thread

    Hey guys, I just started the couch to 5k plan and just finished the first week of workouts (yeah I'm that unfit :/) and noticed that by the last workout I wasn't sweating as much as the first one. Does this mean I'm not working hard enough? I ended up doing some sprints to finish because I...
  18. Carbon Tax

    Long story short, depends on if you believe in global warming.
  19. The Fysical Phitness Thread

    What kind of routine are you doing? I'm feeling motivated to try something similar
  20. Reverse Cowgirl Mafia - Game Over: Cowboys win!

    Or I could actually be a criminal... anyway after I'm lynched the VILLAGE will all have a copy of it, guaranteed