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  1. Resource USM OU Role Compendium

    I think a section for phazing moves like roar, whirlwind and dragon tail should be added. Helpful for teams worried about setup sweepers.
  2. Hey, my name on discord is whatisurnameplz

    Hey, my name on discord is whatisurnameplz
  3. Apprentice Program Signups: SUMO OU

    Assigned to Team Pokepals Username: ZosoRumpleEmma PO/PS! Username: ZosoRumpleEmma Your timezone: EST (GMT -5) Usual Hours of Availability: Monday/Friday 1pm-12am Tuesday/Thursday 4pm-12am Wednesday 6pm-12am Weekends 1pm-12am (this might change depending on what my extracurricular schedule at...
  4. Battling 101 Basics: A New YouTube Webseries

    Hey Plus, if you ever make another one of these, I think you should make a video on teambuilding. This is the part of pokemon that's the hardest for me because sometimes it can be hard to have a team that can respond to 50 different pokemon in the meta. I see you have several teambuilding guides...
  5. RU Analyses Discussion Thread

    Aggron's analysis needs an update, since both Mega Steelix and Tyrantrum have been banned:
  6. Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers MKII (Read the OP First!) (Now with 100% more Rules!!!)

    I want to know what pokemon are most common in OU, but there are four different .txt files for usage stats in OU. What differences are there between them? What are the differences between the three percentages? What file or percentage do I use?