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  1. asterat

    civ 5

    no BE, that shit is fucking awful. anybody here play civ 5? I'm a hopeless addict, mostly playing on deity but I can't always win deity so I play immortal if I am playing with some random shit. if you dont play the game is 50 bucks total on steam but it goes on sale all the time for like a...
  2. asterat

    Steam Summer Sale

    Hi, I know you are mostly a bunch of weeaboo (BAN ME PLEASE) but some of you might have steam accounts and so I am asking what you have got/will get for steam summer sale. I bought valve complete pack: it included both portals, all counter strike version, tf2, team fortress classic, all half life...
  3. asterat

    Slowking (QC 0/3) Overview ######## - slowking is actually a pretty decent defensive pokemon, despite its overshadowing bro - regenerator and slack off make it a pretty consistent player throughout a match, and pretty difficult to take down - has much higher special...
  4. asterat

    STABmons- ORAS Changes

    Hi I'd like to write an article about STABmons, specifically about the changes that have come about with ORAS. I wrote an article for the player but because I'm more interested in metagame based articles I think it's best to redirect my efforts here. I can provide an in depth outline if...
  5. asterat

    Approved Introduction to AAA

    AAA (almost any ability) is one of the most popular other metagames. The premise is that almost any ability can be reassigned to any mon. I am the leader, and I think it would be appropriate to make an article about it. I would introduce the concept and elaborate on a few top tier threats.
  6. asterat

    Almost Any Ability ORAS

    Welcome to the almost any ability (AAA) thread! This will be the main hub of AAA XY for all sorts of metagame discussion and any questions about the tier. AAA already has a permanent ladder on the main server, and is easy to play. If you want to discuss the meta on PS! or try to find an AAA...
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    Other Metagames Teambuilding Shop

  8. asterat

    An Introduction to Other Metas

    I will happily write this... If I will be allowed to. With the smog, they are really selective... If this is approved, I will write it up shortly.
  9. asterat

    Balanced Hackmons Threatlist

    Hi all, this is the thread we're we will be writing entries for each pokemon in the BH metagame that will serve as a resource for anyone who wants it. Because BH is very different from standard tiers, this thread will not function quite like any other threatlist. Rules: You can only reserve 1...
  10. asterat

    Balanced Hackmons Speed Tiers

    These thread exist for most metagames, and macle said I could. Speed Stat / Pokemon / Base Speed / Nature / Boost EVs section not needed because in BH you can use 252 EVs in all stats 500+ 718 / Gengar-Mega / 130 / Neutral / +2 598 / Regigigas, Slaking / 100 / Neutral / +2 578 / Rayquaza...
  11. asterat

    Balanced Hackmons Viability Rankings

    Balanced Hackmons Viability Rankings approved by Arcticblast Edited Quote From OU: "Welcome to the official Balanced Hackmons Viability Rankings topic. You should know the drill by now; In this thread, we as a community will rank every single usable Pokemon into "tiers." In this thread, you're...
  12. asterat

    Gen 3 General Ubers Generation 3 Discussion

    Ubers Generation Three (Theorymon edit: The original OP is in the hide tag below) I think RSE ubers is a pretty fun tier, but it gets no attention. I still like modern ubers, but the influx of strange threats like xerneas, genesect, and arceus in later generations distorts the tier and takes...
  13. asterat

    Bisharp (QC: O/3)

    Overview ######## Incredibly powerful knock off Great STAB and good attack stat Can pursuit trap Can sometimes abuse an excellent ability Hard to switch in Overly reliant on sucker punch Offensive ######## name: All Out Attacker move 1: Sucker Punch move 2: Knock Off move 3: Iron Head move 4...
  14. asterat

    Better EVs

    A lot of you are probably aware that the EVs listed in analysis' and such are total crap. EVs should be more specific to deal with current metagame trends and to maximize the efficiency of a pokemon. This thread is where you should share EV spread that you think are an improvement from what is...
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    Scalemons Scalemons is an awesome new other meta with one important rule: every pokemon's BST is scaled proportionally to 600, so everything has the same BST. However the distribution is very different, effectively leveling the playing field. Lets do an example: Aegislash has 520 BST. HP =...
  16. asterat

    Balanced Hackmons Mentoring Program

    Approved by based god arcticblast Balanced Hackmons Mentoring Program I.Introduction The BH mentoring program is a new project designed to grow the balanced hackmons player base and teach new players or beginning players how to excel at the tier. Us mentors love the tier but unfortunately the...
  17. asterat


    I haven't done this since BW1, I'm sure I did a lot of it wrong. If my formatting is all right, I will have slowbro up tomorrow probably Gen 5: Serebii: Overview ######## Regenerator and the right stat...
  18. asterat

    Desert Storm

    Desert Storm Introduction: So it doesn't take a genius to deduce that gen six is a massive shitfest, and until some necessary bans happen it will be hard to make real teams. That being said, this is my attempt at making something that can compete in the metagame. I didn't really base...
  19. asterat

    Death Valley (Balanced Hackmons)

    Death Valley (wrong sprite I know) Introduction: So I recently realized that this forum has literally one real balanced hackmons team, which was posted 8 months ago and is pretty outdated now. X and Y is also approaching extremely fast (it seemed like yesterday when it was first announced) and...
  20. asterat

    The Most Complete and Comprehensive Guide to Balanced Hackmons

    The Complete and Comprehensive Guide to Balanced Hackmons Introduction: Balanced Hackmons, usually referred to as BH, is an interesting tier where any ability or move is allowed on any Pokemon. Naturally, as suggested by the word 'balanced in the title, there are a small handful of bans...