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  1. Sabella

    Tournament The Monotype Cup

    The Monotype Cup Original logo coming shortly Hi everyone I will be hosting a new tournament in the monotype community with a very similar concept to what is known as the best tournament on Smogon: Smogon Tour. This will be the inaugural season with hopefully more to come. The Monotype Cup...
  2. Sabella

    Other Metagames Drifting (Peak number 1) 89 gxe before reset

    Intro Hey Guys my names Sabella some of you may know me as Booty. Ive been playing monotype for about 2 years now. I took about an 8 month break to practice Ou more but I have made my damn glorious return to Monotype. With my glorious return I have brought 2 amazing teams but I will be giving...
  3. Sabella

    ORAS OU The Fix (OLT Qualifying Team Peak #2 1903 elo)

    The Fix Listened to it alot while laddering XD. Introduction Hi guys my name is Sabella somewhat new to competitive scene in OU but today I have an Rmt of a very successful team I used to qualify for Smogons Official Ladder tour. This is part 2 the finale and the original version and...