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  1. Stocke

    CAP 26 - Part 7 - Secondary Ability Poll 1

    Bulletproof Thick Fat Filter / Solid Rock No Competitive Ability Sturdy
  2. Stocke

    CAP 26 - Part 6 - Stat Spread Poll 2

    G-Luke Jordy Dogfish44
  3. Stocke

    CAP 26 - Part 6 - Stat Spread Poll 1

    pokehimon G-Luke Roland le preaux Jordy Dogfish44 Reviloja753
  4. Stocke

    CAP 26 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Poll 1

    Bulletproof Levitate Regenerator Water Absorb
  5. Stocke

    CAP 26 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 2

    Steel / Ground
  6. Stocke

    CAP 26 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 1

    Steel / Ground Steel / Ghost Steel / Electric Steel / Flying Steel
  7. Stocke

    CAP 26 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 2

    Dogfish44 Brodaha Jordy
  8. Stocke

    CAP 26 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 1

    Dogfish44 Brodaha Jordy snake_rattler Yoshi Birkal
  9. Stocke

    Serious LGBTQ

    I've had the gender option on my account set to "female" for awhile now, but I figured I should probably take a post out to come out as a trans girl; while I don't think that I'd ever identified particularly strongly as male, I passively accepted it for my entire life until a couple years ago...
  10. Stocke

    Metagame Cross Evolution

    also going to abstain on this one, I've not really played very much in awhile so a lot of my viewpoints are likely to be outdated (for example, I don't recall seeing a lot of Sub or Taunt on Dragon Dance Gligar even though it seems so obvious in hindsight), plus I'm a bit torn anyway since while...
  11. Stocke

    Metagame Cross Evolution

    since Gligar still cleanly 2HKOs Magneton x Vivillon at +1 with no investment I don't think setup bait is the right term for it, Magneton definitely has the advantage if Gligar isn't boosted (or doesn't already have a Sub up if it's running Sub) since it's faster at base but the term "setup...
  12. Stocke

    Metagame Cross Evolution

    It's especially odd because I remember the coding working fine on ROM the last time I played Cross Evo there, I wonder why it's working there but not here MaximeLopunny mentioned that the same glitch happens on DragonHeaven, perhaps there are differences in the code between ROM and...
  13. Stocke

    Metagame Workshop

    While I can't speak for others I definitely think this is an improvement for the meta, my biggest complaint last time around was that switching around stats using natures disadvantaged those that didn't need to switch stats. My original solution to the problem was to remove the 10% increase/drop...
  14. Stocke

    Metagame Cross Evolution

    Haha, this reminds me of the time in Gen 6 Cross Evolution when there was a glitch that allowed fully-evolved Pokémon to evolve into themselves; it didn't trigger again upon switching back in, but certain Pokémon like Escavalier had underflowed speed stats which caused them to move first all the...
  15. Stocke

    Metagame Cross Evolution

    The thing is that I don't think that Gyarados necessarily breaks any other mons than Gligar, I've touched on this before but Gyara doesn't provide the greatest movepool in the world other than Dragon Dance, a few good coverage moves (Earthquake is notable), and a few random utility moves like...
  16. Stocke

    Fusion Evolution V2 (Submission Phase)

    neat Parents: Rampardos / Feraligatr Shared egg group: Monster Offspring name: Rampartr New type: Rock / Water New base stats: 106 / 150 / 95 / 87 / 81 / 83 (BST: 602) New ability and desc: Sheer Force Notable moves: Rock Slide, Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Swords Dance, Rock Polish, Crunch, Fire...
  17. Stocke

    Metagame Pokébilities

    yep, iirc the simulator handles it as a priority decrease of 0.1 but the specifics don't really matter, this is basically how it works while this is technically a nerf sableye is slow af anyway so it's not likely to impact its viability in any noticeable way Not the best theorymonner around so...
  18. Stocke

    First-ever Cross Evolution Tournament [Round 2]

    sorry for double-post, but AugustRadburn beat me 2-1, ggs here's replays: feat. a Porygon2 sweep and me...
  19. Stocke

    First-ever Cross Evolution Tournament [Round 2]

    I can confirm, the story about that is that I was on Showdown earlier that day (Saturday I think it was) but I fell asleep and I forgot to close Showdown before I fell asleep AugustRadburn if you have a specific time in mind for today or tomorrow I'll see if I can make it then, if I can't I'll...