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  1. ΩDonut

    Instacheck is dead, but keep your Shiny Values!

    A new patch for Pokémon X and Y, Version 1.2, adds encryption to the wireless communications between players in trades and battles. Fortunately, this patch blocks the use of cheating programs that would allow players to scout their opponents' teams. Unfortunately, the patch also prevents...
  2. ΩDonut

    Shiny Hatcher Community Database (Read the last post!, Join #shinyvalue for all your SV needs)

    EDIT: Do not post your SV or contact info in this thread. It will be ignored and not added to the spreadsheet. from now on you will fill this form to enter SVs: SVs and other information...
  3. ΩDonut

    Instacheck Hotspot -- a fast Pokémon checker for XY

    with thanks to Mat and xfr for research, Kazo for creating the original Trade Checker, and runxiadianqui and Chris Pietschmann for the Virtual Router Plus code. If you played competitive VGC in the last generation, you probably heard of Pokécheck, a fake-GTS site which many players used to...
  4. ΩDonut

    Battle Mechanics Research

    Note: this thread will be moved to the new Uncharted Territory forum when it eventually appears. With our only info on X and Y coming from a select few individuals, we're still mostly in the dark on 6th generation battle mechanics. To help speed along research, we're preparing a list of things...
  5. ΩDonut

    VGC 2012 rules up!

  6. ΩDonut

    5th Generation Resources and Discussion Thread Index - check here if you're lost

    Index of Discussion Threads - always check before making a new discussion thread to prevent duplicates The following links lead to an alphabetical listing of all the threads in that category (200 threads per page). Please check the appropriate index before creating a thread to prevent...
  7. ΩDonut

    B&W Research Thread

    Welcome to the first Black\White research thread! This thread's purpose is to consolidate new information on the moves, abilities and items in Black and White. Hopefully this will also cut down on the spread of misinformation as well. If you feel you've been skipped over for credit, don't be...
  8. ΩDonut

    Worlds Last Chance Qualifier - Kona, HI - August 13, 2010 - OVER

    Worlds Last Chance Qualifier - Kona, HI - August 13, 2010 thanks to Sixonesix for the layout Hilton Waikoloa Village 69-42 Waikoloa Beach Drive Waikoloa, Hawaii 96738 Friday – Last Chance Qualifier Senior Division Registration – 9:00AM-9:30AM Junior Division Registration –...
  9. ΩDonut

    VGC 2010 Battle Video Collection

    For VGC 2009, we kept an updated list of all the teams used by the Japanese winners, and videos of their battles whenever possible. I'm surprised that I haven't seen such a list here for VGC 2010 (they call it WCS 2010 over in Japan), so here's one. I'm too busy at the moment to make an...
  10. ΩDonut

    Belated VGC 2009 Nationals Warstory

    I was digging through old files and found this warstory I wrote for Nationals, but never published for the sake of the privacy of others' teams. I think it's okay to do so now. I'm too busy now edit it, so there are probably some unfinished sections (which will never be finished) and various...
  11. ΩDonut

    Manipulating RNG in Battles - Predicting "Luck"

    It's already well-known that you can manipulate the RNG (random-number generator) in the to produce legit flawless and\or shiny Pokemon. But that's not what this is about. The in-battle RNG in 4th gen, unlike 3rd gen's RNG, only changes as random numbers are needed. So you can know that a...
  12. ΩDonut

    imperfectluck and OmegaDonut (Un)do the Bible Belt - Nashville VGC 2009 Warstory

    Trip to Nashville (this post) Tournament Report Post-Tournament Report THURSDAY After my mom finally gave up trying to convince me NOT to drive 3100 miles to and from Nashville, IPL and I left with a truckload of snacks and, for some reason, a baby seat in the back. I had no idea what IPL...
  13. ΩDonut

    DP Heracross .

    Having used Heracross extensively, I just want to update the Choice set to include a Toxicross option that I've found to be pretty effective (added paragraph in bold). EDIT: I am taking Phuquoph's advice and splitting the Choice set into a Band set and a Scarf set. More revisions to come...
  14. ΩDonut

    Hack Prevention Research Proposal (ask if you can help!)

    I recently became the proud hatcher of a 30\31\31\31\30\31 Adamant male Slakoth. Given the astronomical odds of hatching such a Pokemon legitimately, I'm looking for a more viable way of showing its authenticity besides my good standing in the community. Several weeks ago, at our local...
  15. ΩDonut

    [Warstory] skarm and The Frighteningly Effective Mono-Bug Team

    I'm not really into writing warstories, but I am an entertainer at heart. And this battle has all stuff good warstories are made of: two big names, a lot of Pokemon rarely seen in OU, and... my mono-bug team! Surely this warstory will be both entertaining and informative. See, I haven't...
  16. ΩDonut

    Pal Park Multiple Times Within 24 Hours Glitch

    Found here. I didn't see it around the forums anywhere, so I don't think anyone here really knows about it. I just tried it, and wound up transferring 12 Pokemon within half an hour. Nice glitch!
  17. ΩDonut

    Pokerus Problems

    Considering the Pokerus doesn't do anything besides increase the number of effort points gained from battling, it's not something that you should really be concerned about. It is curious, though. I have a few questions: 1) Are you sure you're not confusing the Pokerus status with the...