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  1. TheValkyries

    NFL Quarantine Thread: 2020-2021 Season?

    The virtual draft is starting now and it took less than ten minutes to start jerking off the league's military sponsors. Welcome to the world of chaos folks who knows what's going to happen this season if this season even ends up happening at all. POST YOUR PIPING HOT TAKES HERE.
  2. TheValkyries

    NFL Thread - 2019-2020 season

    Is there like rules to this first post or can we all just agree we know how this goes. Ya girl here is fkn STOKED the Pats took a WR. Everyone was saying the needed a tight end and god if they picked a tight end or any offensive position that wasn’t Wideout I would’ve just cried.
  3. TheValkyries

    Serious Art and Culture

    Does art guide culture itself, and therefore by proxy guide our behavior, or is art merely a reflection of our culture since it is made by those who live in it? I've been wrestling with this idea for a long time now and I've decided that I want to get some different perspectives on it. The...
  4. TheValkyries

    The Official Sanctioned Club of Biggest Losers Alive Society (World of Warcraft Thread)

    THIS THREAD IS FOR THE WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Talk about Raids or Dungeons or Leveling or Farming or World PvP or Arenas or Battlegrounds or General PvP or WHATEVER. Don't talk about role-playing though. Well actually you can talk about that but I really won't respect you. I finally started playing...
  5. TheValkyries

    Well, we did it. We've won.

    Satanists claim they've turned Westboro founder's dead mom gay Victory is ours everyone. We can all go home with a clear conscience.
  6. TheValkyries

    Serious Teacher loses appeal to return to teaching because of history in pornography This is currently the most trending story on Yahoo. My second thought about this article is how wrong it feels to basically be telling this teacher, "Hey, because of your past choices...
  7. TheValkyries


    Bitches love Crocodiles. Pets love them too. Babies can't get enough of them! So next time you see a Croc, don't just take pictures amongst family with it... Show your whole damn village to a great time!
  8. TheValkyries

    This obviously required its own thread. 1. Turn Sound On 2. Spell Your Name in the Blocks 3. Experiment. 4. ??? 5. Hours Wasted.
  9. TheValkyries

    On Banning Abilities and Ability Combinations

    I know this subject has been rehashed in so many different ways, and people are probably getting tired of all the talk, but this is a question that I feel needs to be addressed before we go further, as it was never clarified by any PR post that I have seen. The question is this: When should...
  10. TheValkyries

    The Desert's Mirage: A Decieving Sandstorm Team

    Well after I had much fun playing with a slightly quirky Rain Dance team I decided that I love Weather effects. Like no joke, I might marry one. Nothing is quite as fun as a little effect that powers up your entire team to monstrous levels. So, after trying all out offense with the rain, I...
  11. TheValkyries

    Caution When Wet: Offensive Rain Dance Team

    Well I've tinkered and played with this team for a long time, and I can't think of really anything else to do with it. It works fantastic most of the time, but for some reason just can't stay consistent. **Changes in bold red** Sweeping Corps: Floatzel @Life Orb Ability: Swift Swim...