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  1. Ghoul King

    Ghoul King's Pet Mod: Coded!

    Approved by Eevee General Yeah, I have no idea what to call this thing. Whatever its name, welcome to this Pet Mod('s thread)! The real summary is "Fix a bunch of things that annoy Ghoul King about the current design", but have a summary to pretend there's a more formal mission statement...
  2. Ghoul King

    Type Cycle: Looking for hosting

    Approved by Eevee General and The Immortal Type cycle is an OM unlike almost all others- instead of changing abilities, moves, or game mechanics, it changes something different- typing. The above image illustrates the rotation of the cycle of types of Moves and Pokemon in Type Cycle: Of...
  3. Ghoul King


    Approved by Eevee General Welcome to Setupmons, in which every Pokemon everywhere gains access to all the +2 in total stat booster moves -but nothing stronger like Tail Glow or Shift Gear. -Acid Armor/Iron Defense/Barrier -Nasty Plot -Swords Dance -Autotomize/Agility/Rock Polish -Dragon...
  4. Ghoul King

    Normal Balance

    approved by Eevee General Welcome to Normal Balance. Look ma, I can make horrifying banners that scare people off instead of drawing them in! Aren't you proud of -NO NOT THE LASH This meta makes three broad classes of changes, all relating to Normal types. 1: Normal type Pokemon are...