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  1. ryan

    Ladder The Dark Horse Project

    super old art from the BW edition by ToxicPhox Welcome back to another edition of The Dark Horse Project, where players are tested in their ability to build unique teams and to play well. In this project, you will ladder as high as you can using a team that is restricted in the overall usage...
  2. ryan

    Tournament ryan's ideal nu minotaur

    inspired by koko's ideal uu tournament this tournament is going to be oras nu but amazing in this tournament, the following will be legal for use. some are BW and XY throwbacks, some are things RU needs to cough up, and some are just mons i want. a couple are only here because of the bans. -...
  3. ryan

    Drastic Tier Shifts

    idk what the hell else to call this but Antar is right (I believe at least) about precedence on the issue i'm about to outline and we should at least discuss it. when a Pokemon jumps up multiple tiers and then drops again, it should go back to where it came from. in this particular instance, it...
  4. ryan

    Ladder Ladder Challenges

    Is the ladder too easy for you? Come here to play with these handicaps and see how well you can do! Are you bored and single? Here's something fun you can do that doesn't risk an STD! Are you severely depressed? Go see a therapist! A lot of players highly devalue the ladder, and I get why. It's...
  5. ryan

    ORAS NU Stage 15 Suspect Voting

    Voting on Tauros Advantage Christo. Twixtry LuckOverSkill Rampecker GunGunJ Parpar Kiyo Vileman Eeveeto toreutic DnB Blast Lacus Clyne xSkelly34 Gravelers steviestar Skelos A Natalie. Karalynia cryalot Guilas D Syncrasy Get this Money geeezer PursuitOfHappiny FLCL Regnak yTneyeT Barhamet...
  6. ryan

    ORAS NU at the bottom of everything

    the engines gave out Since my return to Smogon and competitive Pokemon, I've built a lot of teams in NU, RU, and UU. Among them, this is one of the best that doesn't look bog standard, even though it still has a lot of common Pokemon. This is my take on bulky offense to take on the common...
  7. ryan

    NU Stage 15 Alt Identification Thread

    This thread is here for the simple purpose of having everyone identify themselves for the upcoming Tauros vote. As a reminder, you need to attain at least 2750 COIL (2200 for council members) to vote in this test, so don't make a post here unless you've met these requirements. Please provide a...
  8. ryan

    Metagame np: NU Stage 15 - The Climb | Baton Pass Banned

    The NU council has decided to suspect Tauros this round. The b value for the ladder will be 9 with a COIL requirement of 2750. Sample values with the corresponding statistics: GXE - N 100 - 18 90 - 23 85 - 29 80 - 41 78 - 49 75 - 71 72 - 135 68 - THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST...
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  10. ryan

    Unusual Items on Standard Sets

    Item diversity in NU lately has increased a lot. All kinds of items are used on different Pokemon. For example, Garbodor used to only use Leftovers; now, it uses Black Sludge, Air Balloon, Rocky Helmet, and Focus Sash often. Type resisting berries and type plates have all started to become more...
  11. ryan

    bye bye

    i quit
  12. ryan

    ORAS NU The Quintessential NeverUsed Offense Experience™

    Many teams in the current NU metagame run at least one or two Pokemon that are very passive, and using these Pokemon is mostly fine because free turns are less of a big deal to give up in NU than they are in higher tiers where more threatening Pokemon exist. This team seeks to exploit this with...
  13. ryan

    Metagame np: Stage 8 - Dream at Tempo 119 (READ POST #119)

    The song is irrelevant to tier shifts, but it's really good so just listen to it you nerds. As you all probably know by now, today we lost Uxie and Fletchinder to RU and gained Hitmonchan, Skuntank, and Shiftry in return. While Hitmonchan will likely be irrelevant, Skuntank and Shiftry will be...
  14. ryan


    Welcome everyone to the Other Metagames Premier League finals! After five grueling weeks of endless combat, two teams have arisen above the rest. Will Eevee General's strategy of spending a massive amount of money on one player lead him to victory, or will The Immortal's stealthy late-auction...
  15. ryan

    Tournament OMPL Week Five

    Welcome to week five of OMPL3! The deadline for this week is July 10th at 12:00 AM CDT (GMT-5). Please contact your opponents via VM so that I can see the communication between the two players for activity wins. There will be no extensions, so if both players have shown equal effort to play...
  16. ryan

    Stage 7 Alt Identification

    This thread is here for everyone to identify themselves for the upcoming Sneasel and Gallade test. As a reminder, you need to have more than 2400 COIL to vote in this test, so don't make a post here unless you've met these requirements already. Please provide a screenshot of your alt in hide...
  17. ryan

    Tournament OMPL Week Four

    Welcome to week four of OMPL3! Sorry for the delay in posting. Only two managers sent me their lineups on time, and I wasn't willing to screw over four teams worth of players on the mistakes of a handful of people. The deadline for this week is July 2nd at 12:00 AM CDT (GMT-5). Please contact...
  18. ryan

    Metagame np: Stage 7 - Problem

    After extensive discussion with the council and countless hours worth of complaining from the community, Sneasel and Gallade are being suspected. As with all previous NU suspect tests, Sneasel and Gallade will be allowed on the suspect ladder so that you can play with and against them and see...
  19. ryan

    Beheeyem (1/3)

    [OVERVIEW] strong as shit between natural power and analytic great coverage trick room and analytic make up for its low speed still slow so it's easy to check offensively if it doesn't get up trick room dark weak and every team carries five knock off users [SET] name: Choice Specs move 1...
  20. ryan

    hollywood's paddlings

    for anyone curious, a paddling is a group of ducks in the water. a group of flying ducks is called a team (which would have worked perfectly here except then it would be called "hollywood's teams" and that doesn't sound cool), and a general group of ducks is a raft. consider this a team archive...