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  1. Wobbanaut

    MrcRanger97 vs AOPSUser Hitmonlee Rocks

    Ok here are the rules OPEN 6V6 LC CHALLENGE (challenger may choose either singles, doubles, or triples (positioning off)) 3 day DQ 2 Recoveries, 5 Chills, 2 Substitutions Singles Training Items And here are the mons Team AOPSUser Team Ranger Ranger sends out AOPS orders...
  2. Wobbanaut

    Heracross [GP 2/2]

    Heracross Credits to kokoloko for the original analysis [Overview] <p>Blessed with a base 125 Attack stat and two great abilities in Guts and Moxie, Heracross is a wrecking ball that can demolish unprepared teams. Heracross's famous dual 120 Base Power STAB moves in Close Combat and...
  3. Wobbanaut

    Destiny Warrior vs Jesseus LET'S GO TRIPLES

    Rules 6v6 Triples (or 4/6 if you prefer) 2 Day DQ Training Items 2 Subs 2 recs/5 Chills ASB Arena or acceptors choice Mons Team Jesseus Team Destiny Warrior Scrafty (Twoarms)(Male) Type: Dark: Summary: Dark STAB; Immunity to all telepathic and telekinetic attacks, better performance in...
  4. Wobbanaut

    OBJECTION! Is Jesseus innocent? [Objection vs Jessues]

    And somehow were in a stadium instead of a court room and wait what? You guys are battling WHAT KIND OF LEGAL SYSTEM IS THIS Rules 4v4 Doubles (or 5/6 if you prefer) 2 Day DQ Training Items 2 Subs 2 recs/5 Chills ASB Arena or acceptors choice Switch = OK Abilities = All LC mons And here are...
  5. Wobbanaut

    EspyOwner vs dragonboy52

    1v1 FE Singles 1 Day DQ 2 Recoveries / 5 Chills 2 Substitutions Items: ON Switch = KO Arena is up to whomever accepts. All abilities unown soup Mons Team EspyOwner Team DBoy52 Garchomp (Male) Nature: Adamant Type: Dragon/Ground Dragon: Dragon STAB; Roar has...
  6. Wobbanaut

    Hartwig the great meets a Big Bad Wolfe

    beginner battle singles 3 pokemon per side 2 days disqualification no restrictions arena: Unown soup Switch = OK Items: Off Abilities: All Mons Team TheWolfe Team Hartwig Hartwig sends out mon TheWolfe sends out and orders Hartwig orders
  7. Wobbanaut

    Gerard vs Espyowner at a Gravitational place

    Rules 1v1 SIngles [NFE] 1 Day DQ All Abilities 0 Recovery Moves 2 Chills Items On 1 Sub / Mon Arena: MoonSim Inc. Field Type: Neutral Complexity: Moderate/Intense Format: Singles In the deserts of Nevada, there is a deceptively large building. Why 'deceptively' large? While it seems to...
  8. Wobbanaut

    Lets Go Rotation Battle Maxim vs Moai

    Rules You know very well what I meant Team Moai I'm assuming I have to RNG the mons if I'm wrong tell me so Maxims roll 2/3 = Eevee his only normal type wait how is he going to use it in his gym when it evolves O.o Moai's roll 2/3 = Trapinch Maxims equips item(s) Moai does the...
  9. Wobbanaut

    Leche de Dulce vs Dummy007

    Rules 1v1 Singles 1 Day DQ 1 Substitution Arena: ASB o,Arena Switch = wut All abilities Items = On Mons Team Dummy007 Team Leche de Dulce Leche sends out mon Dummy orders Leche orders
  10. Wobbanaut

    Ullar vs Ranger97 A Steel Fighting Dragon Let's make it happen

    3 Day DQ 2 recovery/5 Chill 2 Subs All Items All Abilities Switch is lol None of you specified arena so......... Field Type = Neutral Complexity = Moderate Format = Eh, whatever No Restrictions on anything Here at the magical type shop, Mr.Heefloot sells many strange and mystical...
  11. Wobbanaut

    PM Orders Singles Match Destiny_Warrior vs Nyttyn

    1v1 Singles DQ 3 Days Training Items PM Orders All Abilities Arena: Gluttony Way A forest converted to a battle arena, the Gluttony Way is notable for the fact that its trees grow Berries at almost ludicrous rates - Every other round, one oran berry will fall from the trees. In addition, the...
  12. Wobbanaut

    EspyOwner vs Elevator_Music a tale of Super Effective STABs

    Rules 1v1 singles FE 1 day DQ 0/2 recovery/chill 2 subs Items = training asb arena All abilities Espyowner sends out Mr. Mime with his item Em does the same and orders Espyowner orders I ref
  13. Wobbanaut

    Elevator_Music vs Destiny Warrior why don't you people care

    Mons arena training items abilities = all 1 v 1 FE 5/0 Chills/Recoveries Mons Venomoth [Morufon] (M) Nature: Timid (+15% Speed, +12% Accuracy, -1 Atk) Type: Bug/Poison Bug: Bug STAB; more mobility in dense brush or forest conditions. Gains an extra guaranteed attack on multi-hit moves...
  14. Wobbanaut

    Classical vs Arcanite

    Rules Open challenge: 2 Vs 2 Doubles NFE only 2 Subs 5 Chills/2 Recovers Arena: Berry Forest A plain forest with lots of berry bearing trees. At the start of each round, your pokemon can pick any berry without using an action. Items = On 1 Day DQ All Abilities Mons Classy...
  15. Wobbanaut

    Nyttyn vs King_Serperior

    Rules Number of Pokemon per side: 2 Match Type: Singles (Beginner) Disqualification (DQ) Time: 3 days Restricted Moves: Standard Arena: Battle Plateau A standard arena constructed by the pokemon league to be a netural ground for beginner trainers, the Battle Plateau is a neutral, flat...
  16. Wobbanaut

    Classy vs SubwayJ

    Rules Challenging Subway J 2v2 Doubles (NFE) 1 day DQ 1 substitutions per mon Items = ON ∞ chills/recoveries ASB Arena All abilities Mons Classy SubwayJ Classy sends out mons Subway orders Classy orders
  17. Wobbanaut

    IAR goes into Lockdown[IAR vs Lockdown]

    Here are the rules 2v2 NFE Singles 2 Day DQ Time 2 Recoveries/5 Chills per mon 2 Substitutions per mon Switch = KO No items All Abilities Arena Arena: Type Changing Arena Field Type: All Types Complexity: Simple Formats: All Formats Restrictions: All moves are allowed...
  18. Wobbanaut

    EspyOwner vs TRG

    The rules 1v1 NFE Singles asb arena One ability 1 day DQ Switch = ?_? Items: Training. Infinite recovers / chills The mons TRG EO EO sends out mon TRG does the same and orders EO orders I ref
  19. Wobbanaut

    Welcome Back Rickheg, Rickheg vs BlazikenMaster Zeo

    The rules 1v1 Weak-FE Mon battle 1 day DQ/2ref 5chills 2 recovers ASB arena Training Items please. 1 ability The teams Tomohawk(Beo)(Male) Type: Flying/Fighting Flying: Flying STAB; immunity to Ground attacks outside extremely odd circumstances even for ground-based flying...
  20. Wobbanaut

    EspyOwner vs King Serperior

    The rules 1v1 Singles LC Items = Training only. asb arena 0 chill/recovery Ability = One The teams Espyowner Mime Jr. [Sally Smiles] (Female) Nature: Bold: (+1 Defense, -1 Attack) Type: Psychic: Psychic STAB; less susceptible to blinding, more susceptible to sound-based assaults as far...