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  1. Undeafeatable

    Testing D Claw on Mence, Giga Impact on Slaking and Wish Rachi, Ty for advice guys and more suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  2. Undeafeatable

    Thank you much for actually offering suggestions for improvement, ive gotten like 4 replies not doing that. :) First of all im definitely going to try wish support rachi, i love rachi and Iron head hax is amazing even though blissey is an amazing special tank trying replacements should be fun...
  3. Undeafeatable

    Huh i will, i was considering a 252atk/252hp/4Def Adamant build at one point and i must have gotten caught in the middle. Any commentary on the rest of the team, Improvements etc?
  4. Suspect/Standard Usage Comparison

    Agreed, This is response to latias switch, mence is a legit counter for many of the problems in the current metagame and since latias was removed he has seen more usage, but i dont think he needs to go uber.
  5. Team: Blitzkrieg [OU RMT]

    Also, Lucario can extreme speed and with 1 dance will OHKO your Dragonite with SR dmg and will do alot to heatran as well. If you would comment on my team i would really appreciate it. Otherwise your team is pretty nice, Against meta leads with Azelf i usually Taunt and then if they bullet...
  6. Undeafeatable

    First of all Slaking out-speeds scizor, 1v1 i will always OHKO it if it goes for a swords dance, and yes you can switch out on the truant turn. And when you come back in the counter is reset. Second of all Return doesnt just *dent* standard scizor, with rocks it will 2HKO and so its not in there...
  7. Undeafeatable

    Undefeatable This team was made for the lulz But then i started winning 9/10 matches First i was thinking about how to make a team that would not be standard, because what ive found is that everyone knows how to counter the majority of pokes, and running pokemon that arent usually seen, win...
  8. OU RMT My First team

    With no posts on the forum, i have problems firing off private messages to people, I like to learn on my own first, then look for help to push me farther along the path to stardom.
  9. OU RMT My First team

    As it reads, this is my first one and im still working on fixing the formatting, I tried to leave in some descriptions that i couldnt better myself. Your team was the best of them, so to learn the formatting parameters i chose yours. Its not like im copying you, just that im still learning and i...
  10. OU RMT My First team

    My Team :) [/SIZE]Speedy (Aerodactyl) @ Focus Sash Ability: Pressure EVs: 4 HP | 252 Atk | 252 Spd Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -SAtk) Stealth Rock Taunt Rock Slide Earthquake Why This Pokemon: So sexy, Love the speed and counters practically every major lead with trick or straight up stealth...