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    Championship - Type B Filling the Generation Gap (SM edition)

    Approved by Quite Quiet Filling the Generation Gap (SM Edition) Hey all! Thought I'd introduce myself first as most of you won't know me. I'm HC not H-C cause I'm retarded and didn't see there was an actually relevant user with that name so just call me Chris or whatever. But since I'm...
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    Pokémon Buzzwole

    Approved by Celticpride Name: Buzzwole Alolan Pokedex No.: 294 National Pokedex No.: 794 Type(s) - Bug / Fighting Base Stats - 107 HP / 139 Atk / 139 Def / 53 SAtk / 53 SDef / 79 Spe Abilities Ability 1 - Beast Boost: The Pokémon boosts its most proficient stat each time it knocks out a...
  3. HC

    ORAS OU Mega Gard + Weavile Balance/Bulky Offense

    Intro Hey guys, thought I'd post my first RMT to see what people think of it! Simply put, the idea around this team was to create a bulky offensive/balanced build around Mega Gardevoir, a mon which I still think people seriously underrate. Now, it's my belief that Gard works best when partnered...