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  1. Count Bleck

    SPOILERS! Max Raid Discussion Thread

    Probably one of the biggest (HA!) features in SwSh is the introduction of Max Raid battles. From farming useful TRs, finding Gigantimax Raids, or those sweet sweet XP candies, raids got all your competitive needs. But dont be lulled into a false sense of security; these raids, especially the...
  2. Count Bleck

    Convulsions of Nature- Competitive Terrain Discussion

    In 6th Gen, Gamefreak introduced a new yet underexplored mechanic into the game: Terrains. Neither Weather nor Room, these new field affects- Grassy, Electric, and Misty- affected all pokemon coming in contact with the ground. However, without reliable starters and the fact that they ate up a...
  3. Count Bleck

    1 Scizor vs. The World (during a Rain/Strom) (OU warstory)

    Hello, and welcome to my first warstory. A story of defeat, decisiveness,and a beautiful ending.Fought in Pokemon Lab. And be warned, this ending may to beautiful and Haxful for your eyes. If you are allergic to Hax and weird weather, turn away now. Clauses. Evasion Clause Sleep Clause...