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  1. Rubicon

    Monotype New-age Ice (1600 peak)

    There was a time before Home came out when I wanted to share a piece of something I had accomplished. Then Dynamaxing got banned shortly after. Needless to say, that ice age didn't last very long. But now that Home's out, and I'm well used to Dynamax not being allowed, here's a little something...
  2. Rubicon

    Monotype An Ice Team

    A new generation, a new opportunity to play with my favorite type. I'm kind of in a weird spot though. I've been teetering on low-mid 1400's, and I'm certain I could be doing better. Last generation, I had this dread feeling that I was kind of like an Ork Mekboy from Warhammer 40K: I can work...
  3. Rubicon

    Monotype Hail yes! (Peak: ~1700)

    Hey there. I'd like to talk to you about how I made an ice team work out to my liking. Ice was always one of my favorite types, despite its many shortcomings. Part of me wants to believe it started back when I was a 7-year-old scrub in Pokemon Red, with an over-trained Blastoise who somehow...
  4. Rubicon

    SM PU Hail Yeah!

    Alternative title: A mono team? Outside of monotype? It's more likely than you think There is much to say, and I will break my silence to say it A little more than a year ago, I joined a monotype league as an ice-type leader (I doubt I'm allowed to advertise that league, so names withheld)...