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  1. Veedrock

    Recommended software

    Finally got my ducks in a row and I'm about ready to format my computer. I'm not happy with the current performance and I'm looking for lighter alternatives to common "bloatware" programs for when I restart. I'm aware of this previous thread in Internet Renaissance but it's really old so may be...
  2. Veedrock

    What's wrong with stealth lynches?

    I've noticed a new rule trend with a vague description that stealth lynches will be overturned "at host discretion." Why? Now don't get me wrong, I am all about the village having control of their lynch. Afterall it is (usually) their only source of offense in mafia. That is why I loathe lynch...
  3. Veedrock

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

    If it wasn't for the PS3 jailbreak fiasco I'd say Sony is the embodiment of "doing it right." It's been rumored for awhile (with various previews here and there), but the recent Super Bowl commercial brought the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, aka the "Playstation Phone," to the full attention of...
  4. Veedrock

    Attaching files to PMs

    Is there a particular reason files can't be attached to PMs? It's enabled for regular forum posts, so not really sure why it's not allowed for PMs. Admittedly I don't know much about vBulletin so I don't know if this is a universal problem or if it's just disabled.
  5. Veedrock

    Latios (Placeholder)

    Not completely neutered without Soul Dew. Dragon/Psychic Info Status: Been hung up, tonight's my friday so it'll be up soon.
  6. Veedrock

    Halo: Reach - Product Review and Discussion

    So here we have what is likely to be the biggest selling game of 2010. While there are several other franchises still releasing in the coming months, none of them can match the fanbase, hype, and delivery of the Halo series. The game itself was released in 3 separate editions: Standard, Limited...
  7. Veedrock

    Game purchase incentives

    I read a pretty good article recently about how game developers are starting to provide more incentives for people to purchase the game brand new. Before the best motif was a pre-order bonus or day-1 access to certain items/events. Some newer games have an ingame service that unlocks content...
  8. Veedrock

    Implementing proper game mechanics

    DISCLAIMER: This is not a topic to debate implementation, that's going to happen. This is to discuss how we're going to implement it. Most people would say they agree with the above quote. We aren't going and giving Flareon Flare Blitz because we want to. We aren't creating items to extend...
  9. Veedrock

    Be unpopular or die! Final Round! - UncleSam wins!

    FATALITY A) Blackhawk11, Bass (2) B) Kharozz, Team Aether, Lightwolf, cantab (4) C) Nook, UncleSam (2) D) DCJ, Fangren, Sledge, asim (4) Both B and D are eliminated. Who would have guessed that an archeologist and humanitarian could be so popular? Prove of evolution itt? Blackhawk11 Bass Nook...
  10. Veedrock

    Be unpopular or die! Round Four

    A) Sledge, asim, UncleSame, cantab, Bass (5) B) DCJ, Nook, LightWolf (3) C) billymills, reyscarface, Thorns, Objection, Slyguy46, junior (6) D) Kharozz, Fangren, Blackhawk11, Team Aether (4) Close call. The base was clearly rigged. UncleSam asim DCJ Kharozz LightWolf Nook Bass cantab Team...
  11. Veedrock

    Be unpopular or die! Round Three

    Interesting results, unfortunately a few DQ's as well. A) Blackhawk11, asim, Team Aether, billymills (4) B) BynineB, forks, supermarth64, The_Chaser, jc104, Pidge, Mekkah, Altair, FinnRagetti, Earthworm, Igor (11) C) junior, cantab, Objection, Thorns, UncleSam, Slyguy46 (6) D) DCJ, Nook...
  12. Veedrock

    Evasion: Hit or Miss?

    Evasion is a very controversial move in that it seemingly increases luck and decreases the skill aspect of the game, meaning it takes no "skill" to use it. Competitive environments should have their winner ultimately decided by skill. Nobody wants to play sports if the winner is decided by a...
  13. Veedrock

    RMT: Evolution

    I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of the Smogon RMTs. The mass amount of rules hurts it more than not. But this isn't about that. At a glance: My team has undergone some drastic changes since I first created it. It was originally a sandstorm team meant to take on the Smogon Frontier (something...