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  1. Huy

    VGC Tournament at Southern California State Championships (March 22)

    Mega Video Game Tournament We were hoping to have Pokémon Video Game state championships, but since that didn’t happen in 2014, we’re doing as big an XY “VGC rules” tournament as we can. Mega Video Game Tournament – limit 100 players $10 all divisions – payment options 09:30 AM Check-in &...
  2. Huy

    8 Simple Rules to Make Everyone's VGC Experience Better

    1. Don't be afraid to talk to people! We don't bite! The whole point of these events is to get together and meet people that share the same love for the game. Talk to everyone! The staff, the other competitors, and Smogonauts that you may recognize from being e-famous. Everyone is there because...
  3. Huy

    Team Super Special Awesome

    Hello all! This is my first RMT, so please be nice. After using this team for the majority of SPL, Regionals, and the latest WiFi Tournament, I don't feel like keeping in my little circle anymore. This team was built a little differently than most VGC teams I've built before. For one, this is...
  4. Huy

    Huy's Swanna Song (NorCal Regionals 12 and Farewell Announcement)

    Hello friends and fans! This special presentation is sponsored by Air Huy. Prologue: Our story takes place in a small suburban town in Northern California. A man who once served the Smogon Army in defending its pride against many competing nations sits in his rocking chair staring into the...
  5. Huy

    The Guy Fieri Appreciation Thread

    There are many reasons to love Guy Fieri. The man is nothing short of amazing. His superb sense of style, the eloquence of his speech, and his 'fuck-everything-i-just-want-some-bombass-food' approach to life all inspire me. But the reason to love guy is all the amazing food he brings to us...
  6. Huy

    Official Pizza Topping Tier List

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a Pizza TOPPING tier list. We are not discussing crusts or sauces at this time. The basic pizza is described within the topic. Smogon is all about the tiering process so I think it's time we tackle something near and dear to all of out hearts -- pizza toppings. I realize...
  7. Huy

    Pokemon, I Choose You! - SoCal Regionals 2012

    My story starts off at the end of worlds 2011. I was entirely burned out on serious Pokemon and decided to have some fun in team building. I tested a lot obscure stuff that hasn't really seen much competitive play and found great success in these strategies. I was racking up wins all over the...
  8. Huy

    VGC 2012 Analyses (now on homepage!)

    Smogon's C&C section has started it's VGC12 section and we are working very hard to put out quality analyses for all of our users to enjoy. If you need help with common pokemon movesets or want to help contribute, the forum can be found by following this link.
  9. Huy

    OFFICIAL 2011 Jailbait Thread

    keep it clean folks. this thread is for all those things that you wish you could do but could get you in trouble with the law
  10. Huy

    The Job Thread

    I just recently graduated college and entered the workforce. There wasn't really much out there for me to I took the first one I could get. And I fucking hate it. My job is so fucking unbelievable. I'll try to sum it up by first telling you about the folks I work with: First, there is this...
  11. Huy

    Rules of the Wi-Fi Battles Forum

    This will be replacing the current battle threads in the Wi-Fi forum. Welcome all to the new Wi-Fi Battles subforum. Battle Rules In this forum, post in the appropriate thread to request a battle using the thread's ruleset. DO NOT MAKE A NEW THREAD. For battles that do not follow...
  12. Huy

    Wonderful World of Wifi Round 2

    Best of 3 Same rules as last round No moody Pairings: TheMantyke vs vs Bianca222 Tyler vs Soto Sandman vs muffinhead pokemonrocks777 vs zerowing drcossack vs Alaka Synre vs Alphabet 123 PungentFruit vs vs chihuahuaowner Jibaku vs vs Husky I WILL BE MAKING ACTIVITY CALLS TOMORROW. YOU HAVE 1.5...
  13. Huy

    The Wonderful World of Wifi Round 1!

    Okay so I took a little longer than expected but we have a full bracket now! Rules: Rules: ~BATTLES ARE BEST 2 of 3. TEAMS MAY NOT BE CHANGED WITHIN THESE SETS ~Wonder Launcher must be ON!!! ~Double Battle ~Species Clause ~Item Clause ~Level 50 Cap -- Use FLAT BATTLE ~Pokemon from ALL REGIONS...
  14. Huy

    The Wonderful World of Wifi [Doubles/Launcher Tournament]

    Approved by Alaka Hello friends and friends of friends! Since this Wifi Tournament board seems dead, I toyed with the idea of hosting a tournament that couldn't be run on PO. I know that alot of people are turned off by the idea of using items in battle, but during a few practice battles skarm...
  15. Huy

    Friend Rulin', Friend Rulin', Yeah!

    Rather than shit up Milan's warstory any further with a giant debate about the friend rule, I decided to move everything out of there into it's own thread. TPCi grants us the privilege to decline to play someone at an event if you are friends with them. I've been following these alot of the...
  16. Huy

    3 Age Divisions at VGC This Year - Juniors, Seniors, and Masters 3 age divisions auto level, species clause, unova dex
  17. Huy

    Fantasy Basketball 2010

    Everyone's been bugging me about it and I will try to get the league open this weekend. I wanna split it up a bit though, it was a bit crowded last year!
  18. Huy

    No Ubers for You! Round 8 [WON BY SIXONESIX!]

    Okay so we're down to our last three competitors! This is how it's gonna work out. Losers Bracket winner will have to Play Winner's Bracket Winner. Should Loser's Bracket winner win one, he must win another to clinch the championship. If he should lose, however, sixonesix will be crowned...
  19. Huy

    STR33T PKMN Round 1

    The lovely Miss Andrea has been a little bit on the busy side so I'm helping her get this started sooner rather later. STR33T PKMN. BRING IT. Welcome to the first Wi-Fi Street Pokémon Tournament, hosted by andrea and co-hosted by Huy. This tournament was first held simulator-style back...
  20. Huy


    You all should know the drill by now so I'm gonna leave the first post out. Round 7 Byes sixonesix Inevitable Matches UPPERDECKER vs DuketheDevil Round 6 Winner's Bracket sixonesix [BYE] Loser's Bracket Inevitable [BYE] UPPERDECKER vs Tyler Thekiller0703 vs DukeTheDevil Get them done.