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  1. Pendulum Swing

    ORAS OU Acute bro, peaked #9 , GXE: 85

    Hi smogon, Pendulum Swing's here, welcome to my 2nd rmt featuring MegaBro, who recently got reqs pretty easily on the ladder. I wanted to build something in order to achieve reqs when i noticed i did have no teams with slowbro-mega, who actually is the best megamedi switchin imho. Creating a...
  2. Pendulum Swing

    ORAS OU Green Sand (Bulky Off. Peaked #300 and climbing)

    It's a sad thing to say but my computer can't get screenshots and my usb cable is broken lol. Anyway Look for "RF_Drawer", i now have 1594 elo and i'll restart battles after i can post a photo here Hi smogon, welcome to my first rmt here. Today I want to show you a team I built about 2/3 weeks...