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  1. sin(pi)

    Pokémon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum In-game Tier List Discussion

    Approved by DHR-107 OP adapted from Its_A_Random's XY In-Game Tiers thread Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Version In-Game Tier List Discussion What is an in-game tier list? In-game tier lists rank Pokémon according to their usefulness during the main portion of the game — that is...
  2. sin(pi)

    Gifts of the Gods

    Approved by The Immortal and Eevee General Original idea by Hot dog pizza Image source: Gymjack @ DeviantArt Premise: The gods favor your pokemon! Pick a god and have its powers bestowed upon your team. Rules: OU banlist, except that: Teams are allowed one Ubers tier pokemon. The other...