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  1. Ralts

    XY UU The Way of the Dragon (Late Game Hitmonlee Sweep)

    Welcome to my Rate My Team! I originally created this team for fun, using some of my favorite pokemon from all of the generations who might not be necessarily viable in the OU metagame. After I created it though, I noticed that there were very few pokemon that I couldn't deal with in the UU...
  2. Ralts

    Wreaking Havoc with Medicham

    Hello Smogon! This is my very first Rate My Team for X and Y, and I have spent a long time constructing this team. It has many flaws that I cannot figure out reliable fixes for, and that is why I need your help! Notes about this team: - It was constructed completely of Pokemon and moves...
  3. Ralts

    Makayta's X and Y Trading Thread

    Rules: -PLEASE NO HACKED POKEMON -I am NOT interested in Legendaries, so please do not offer them -I am only looking for competitive 5/6 IV Pokemon -All of my Pokemon are hand bred and uncloned in Kalos -Please Specify what Pokemon of mine you are interested in before posting -I do not care...
  4. Ralts

    Nothing To Do Here... (First B/W OU Team)

    Hello! Thank you for looking over my team. I based the team around Gengar; one of my favorite pokemon that can actually stand its ground in the OU envoirnment. ]Let me start off saying that this team needs a large amount of improvement. I lack a few of the most prominent attacking types in the...
  5. Ralts

    My First RMT!

    EDITS IN BOLD! My Lead: Swampert @ Leftovers Trait: Torrent EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spd Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd) - Earthquake - Ice Beam - Roar - Stealth Rock Swampert can almost always set up stealth rock, uless their lead is a celebi or carries grass knot. Then, I roar them away...