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    Other Metagames Monotype RMT: Shadow Symbiosis (Dark Type)

    Shadow Symbiosis The team I used to achieve reqs (for the most part). As inferred from the name of the team, it excels at using the synergy shared between the team members to set up a sweep with a mon. I chose to experiment with dark after recognizing the type's versatility (similar to water...
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    RMT Flex Sticky Web Offense (Peaked Top 75)

    I would like to show my most successful team created since returning to cap. It's uncreatively named; Flex Sticky Web Offense. Flex Sticky Web Offense At a Glance: This team has it's ups and downs, considerably matchup reliant but definitely one of the premier (might i add rare)...
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    CAP Replays Thread

    Hello, I'm Hampton, and this is the thread for CAP Replays. I'd like to set some guidelines here: -NO REPLAYS OUTSIDE OF THE CAP TIER (I suppose CAP doubles replays are fine as well) -This is not a thread for silly things you see on the ladder. It would be preferred to post replays of close...
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    Revenankh Discussion Thread

    Revenankh 90 HP/105 Atk/90 Def/65 SAtk/110 SDef/65 Spd BST: 525 Abilities: Shed Skin, Air Lock Usable/Notable Moves: Bulk Up Destiny Bond* Curse* Drain Punch Earthquake Shadow Sneak Focus Punch* Ice Punch Knock Off Mach Punch Pain Split* Sleep Talk Rest Power Whip* Sucker Punch* Substitute...