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  1. Incon

    The Aggressors

    THE AGGRESSORS Howdy Smogon, NU community, or anyone else that views this page. Welcome to my FIRST RMT (Technically my second, but i was so noob and it was so awful so we dont talk about it). I was talking to my good friend Sweet Jesus about a name for this RMT. He stated that my team...
  2. Incon

    Eelektross [Revamp] (QC 3/3)

    Eelektross [OVERVIEW] 1. I want to remove this because it is rather irrelevant after BW2. He received Superpower, Aqua Tail, Drain Punch, and Fire Punch from move tutors which are all relatively high base power moves. It already had Wild Charge which is great physical STAB move. 2.Would...
  3. Incon

    Sawsbuck [QC 3/3][GP 2/2]

    Sawsbuck [Overview] <p>Sawsbuck is often referred to as one of the best physical Grass-type sweepers in the NU tier, and for good reason. With his solid base 100 Attack and base 95 Speed, the seasonal deer has significant offensive prowess. Coupled with an almost unresisted dual STAB...
  4. Incon

    NU Combinations V2

    Hello Nu community! Incon here to present to you the updated version of Raseri's NU combination thread. After the release of B2W2, I thought it would be a good idea to start this thread up again, since there have been many new toys to play with in the tier. The main purpose of this thread is...
  5. Incon

    Staller Baller

    Staller Baller (In the words of Wiz, "Uh huh, you know what it is.") Introduction Hello everyone! I'm Incon (clearly) and this is my first RMT. Woot Woot! Anyway, i have been playing Pokemon my whole entire life and just recently started battling competively. I can still remember the days...