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  1. SparkTEHfuze

    Total Gameplay..? (How Long Does It Take to Beat a Game Archive)

    Hello Smogon. I'm sure there are some very picky people out there who don't enjoy long games. On the flip side, I bet some people hate short games. Where does this thread come in? Well, I want to make an archive of how long certain games take to beat once through, as well as how long they take...
  2. SparkTEHfuze

    SparkTEHcreativity ~Pokemon Sketches~

    Hey Smogon. So here's some sketches of Pokemon related things I've done :3 I'm not a great artist... but I dabble in art :P Well... more like doodles >.> But I'm getting Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator soon! So some good stuff is on it's way :D For now, enjoy these tasty treats :3 Poor...
  3. SparkTEHfuze

    What d'you think of when you listen to music?

    Hello Masses. So I was sitting in the car the other day and I was listening to music (as people tend to do when in the car) and an interesting thought hit me. I started thinking about what I think about when I listen to music. Then I wondered what other people thought about/saw in their heads...
  4. SparkTEHfuze

    What's missing...? NO VIDEOS.

    Hey all. What I've noticed upon the attempt of me trying to start a thread somewhere about this is a section devoted to those who enjoy making movies/videos. I tried stickin' it up in the Smeargle section, but to my dismay and misleading title of Smeargle Studio - the place where you can put ART...
  5. SparkTEHfuze

    Oh No, Here We Go... (My First RMT)

    Ok, well, here goes nothing... As the title says, this is my first RMT, and I'm not expecting myself to come up with some amazing team or anything. I'm just trying to get along. My Team at a glance: All changes will be made in bold! (If any...) Heatran (M) Lonely Flash Fire Shuca Berry 4...