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  1. Nuanda92

    Semi-Stall Featuring Mega Scizor.

    Mega Scizor Based Team Hello to all members of Smogon. Today we are here to rate my Mega Scizor Based Team. Preview DescriptionNormally, I'm not the type of person who builds a Stall team, because I like to play offensive. In this case is different. This is my favorite pokemon. I...
  2. Nuanda92

    AeriRate My OU Team

    Well start immediately to illustrate my team based on one of the most powerful mega OU metagame (in my opinion) Pinsir. The following illustrate the team immediately. As I said, I decided to base the team around this magnificent specimen of unprecedented destructive. Its power dazzled me, it...
  3. Nuanda92

    [XY OU Team] Moonsoon 4 Win!

    Let's start with the description of the team. Initially I decided to build this team so much pleasure, but later I found myself loving Vivillon and think it was a little underestimated. Its weaknesses are poorly understood. Pokemon defensive steel and utilizer of priority as powerful as Scizor...
  4. Nuanda92

    Offensive team semi OU.

    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to my new team-based exclusive offensive maneuvers, before starting I would like to specify why I called this thread "Offensive semi OU team" simply because they are part of this team long gone from OU but always strong in my opinion place the list...
  5. Nuanda92

    Rate Monotype BUG! Bug Catcher! :D

    Introduction: I chose this because monotype is fantastic, I love pokemon beetle and I will start to describe them directly Pokemon Number One: Galvantula:@focus sash Trait: CompoundEyes Nature: Timid 252 Spa / 252 Spd / 4spdef -Volt Switch -Energy Ball -thunder -Sticky Web Classic Set. Lead...
  6. Nuanda92

    Team competitive Rating

    I, i'm new, i do not speak English very well, but I still hope to make me understand for the evaluation team. Introduction: I am new to the forum and the Competitive Battling, I approached it this year at the release of Pokemon X and Y, and I would like clarification about my competitive team...