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  1. watashi

    SM NU [11:09 AM] Young Nutta: i cant believe ppl even take slowbro's name when barbaracle is on the loose

    in lieu of the current suspect i thought i'd share what i think is one of the most complete barbaracle teams in the metagame. it's fairly standard and easy to use; just keep up the momentum and utilize your hard hitters to brake open a path for barbaracle to sweep. sounds simple enough right...
  2. watashi

    Rotom (QC 3/3)

    Taken over from Seismitoad Overview ######## Hits an important speed tier Weak without a boosting item Frail, but has a good defensive typing which makes it an excellent pivot Choice Scarf ######## name: Choice Scarf move 1: Volt Switch move 2: Shadow Ball move 3: Thunderbolt / Will-O-Wisp...
  3. watashi

    NU Lilligant

    Overview ######## Lilligant is a potent sweeper in NU due to its good Special Attack and its access to one of the best boosting moves, Quiver Dance. Additionally, it can utilize Sleep Powder to neutralize its counters. However, Lilligant suffers from a poor offensive typing and movepool, and is...
  4. watashi

    NU Crustle

    Overview ######## Crustle is one of the best entry hazard setters in NU thanks to its access to the highly sought after combination of Stealth Rock and Spikes. Its ability Sturdy complements this by acting as a pseudo-Focus Sash, allowing Crustle to set up entry hazards more reliably...
  5. watashi

    NU Pawniard

    Overview ######## With access to Knock Off and Sucker Punch, Pawniard is an underrated sweeper capable of pressuring both defensive and offensive teams. Its typing and the bulk granted by Eviolite give Pawniard many chances to set up with Swords Dance. Furthermore, its ability Defiant allows it...
  6. watashi

    NU Vullaby

    Hon hon hon Overview ######## Despite its NFE status, Vullaby finds its way onto various defensive teams in NU by virtue of its good defensive stats and typing. It boasts an excellent support movepool which includes Defog, Whirlwind, and Knock Off. However, Vullaby's lack of offensive presence...
  7. watashi

    NU Sceptile

    Overview ######## Sceptile is an extremely deadly sweeper in NU, largely thanks to its terrific Speed stat and unpredictability. A high Special Attack stat and access to Leaf Storm allows it to be an excellent special sweepe,r while a vast physical movepool and access to Swords Dance allows it...
  8. watashi


    Does anyone have sets for it?
  9. watashi

    Empoleon [QC: 1/3]

    remove the assault vest set since its easily walled and outclassed by slowbro who has regenerator.
  10. watashi

    XY OU Dance Like You Want to Win!

    Hello, this is a rather successful team that I made which won me a Smogon Tour and was used by both yan[sogeking] and Valentine in the semifinals of OST. It originally started out as a non-serious team with Latias and five Pokemon holding Focus Sash, but after playing around with it I realized...
  11. watashi

    Unfezant (QC 2/3)

    Unfezant [Overview] Horrible movepool Lackluster stats Outclassed by Braviary, Swellow, and even Dodrio [SET] name: Tailwind Support move 1: Tailwind move 2: Hypnosis move 3: U-turn move 4: Return item: Focus Sash ability: Super Luck nature: Adamant evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe [SET...
  12. watashi

    BW NU a cat is fine too

    Introduction As you can see this is not your standard Neverused team, and in no way does it play like one. It is based on setting up hazards with either Lopunny's Copycat or Ditto and phazing the opponent with priority Assist from Liepard, which can only select Whirlwind due to it's mechanics...
  13. watashi

    another team

    Introduction Hey Smogon! I recently found myself at my 1000th post with no idea of what to do with it and after a bit of pondering while the site was down, I figured I would post another RMT since that's what I feel the most comfortable with. This team is very fast paced and fun to use. It...
  14. watashi

    snake pit

    Introduction Recently it has been really difficult for me to think of a creative team to use since everything is so focused on Jynx, Primeape, and Scolipede. However, Zeb and MMF mentioned the idea of using Nasty Plot Midreavus, which really intruged me since could really catch the opponent by...
  15. watashi

    ride a scolipede

    This team makes use of some of the new faces in Neverused like Scolipede and Jynx. It's pretty standard compared to other teams being used by good players on the ladder Pokemon wise, but it's based on sweeping with a set that isn't very commonly seen. The metagame is pretty hectic right now, but...
  16. watashi

    NU Stats - February 2013

    Total battles: 46024 Avg. weight/team: 0.627 + ---- + ------------------ + --------- + ------ + ------- + ------ + ------- + | Rank | Pokemon | Usage % | Raw | % | Real | % | + ---- + ------------------ + --------- + ------ + ------- + ------ + ------- + | 1...
  17. watashi


    Introduction The recent tier shift was extremely kind to stall, giving it another reliable Spiker in Roselia and taking away Emboar, which was the best wallbreaker in the tier. I decided to build a team around the core of Bastiodon | Misdreavus | Roselia | Alomomola, which provided two walls on...
  18. watashi

    BW NU frozen pork

    introduction the recent unbanning of snow warning in nu caused a huge splash in the metagame, shafting some of the biggest names in the tier and causing others to rise to stardom. i was eagar to take advantage of hail and abuse some of the new big threats. the result was an extremely offensive...
  19. watashi

    BW NU Volcanic Eruption

    INTRODUCTION I have been using this team since late August and it has been extremely consistent in both ladder and official matches. I used it in every game two of NU Open—which was in my opinion the most important game—and it did not disappoint, going 5-0. The purpose of this team is wear...
  20. watashi


    goodbye! Introduction: Since Gothitelle is now banned from UU, I've decided to make this RMT. It's based on Gothitelle's ability to remove walls, which clears up the path for Gurdurr and Samurott, both of which are extremely hard to stop. In return, Gurdurr (in conjunction with Skuntank)...