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  1. Iminyourcloset

    Double Scarf, Triple Shock: Closet's UU Team of Fabulousness That You Should Totally Check Out

    'Sup fellow UU-ers! :3 It is I, Closet from PS! You may or may not know me as "that one mod who's barely ever on." (yeah, that's me.) But I digress. This is a team I'm particularly fond of- it's a clash of multiple sets I've utilized before, and it works out beautifully. However, I'm not much of...
  2. Iminyourcloset

    Team of %Closet from Showdown!

    Hello! This is Iminyourcloset, AKA %Closet from PS!. This is my second RMT, I did one for UU as well a little while ago. This is a completely new team, one which I've put some serious thought into, but I feel like it could definitely be better. My plan was to have a nice bulky team, and to be...
  3. Iminyourcloset

    My main UU team.

    Okay, so.. this is my First RMT. I've played about 20 or so battles with it, winning prob 70% or so, I haven't been counting or anything. I'm just gonna try my best, and see what happens... Fair enough? :/ This is a sorta-Offensive team, But I wouldn't really like to call it HO, but it's not...