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  1. Soul Fly

    Free Speech: Let's do this properly

    Hi. As rancid as the last thread was I think it would benefit all of us to to have a proper conversation about free speech. One not bracketed under race or any particular flash point, or framed as bait. What this thread is NOT about: 1. Should we kill (BAN ME PLEASE)s/women/men/<insert_harrased_group>...
  2. Soul Fly

    OnePunch-Man (Anpanman) [Spoilers ITT]

    (Click Cover to Read) This series has been a pretty big hit among the manga community and has seen a huge surge in popularity in mid-2013. Beautiful art-style coupled with a hilarious and unique storyline this Manga turns a metaphorical fresh-leaf in the fighting genre. Like seriously who would...
  3. Soul Fly

    BW2 OU Comprehensive Baton Pass Guide [Skeleton]

    approved by Nexus [TABLE OF CONTENTS] INTRODUCTION What is Baton Pass? -- -- STYLES OF BATON PASS: QuickPass Overview Strategy Passers Recievers -- Full Baton Pass Overview Strategy Commonly Used Pokemon Alternatives Niche/Outclassed Baton pass pokemon -- -- COUNTERS TO BATON PASS...
  4. Soul Fly

    Fuck. I have no words.

    Guy does an entire legit Solo run of FRLG with a Magikarp. (beat that #orangeislands) Now I know, Stat items, duh but this fucking shit is more mind-numbing than laddering the Showdown ladder for like 2 weeks without even taking a piss break. Mad props. Fuck the elite four bit, at least...
  5. Soul Fly

    Pokemon more popular than titties

    Hah. (oh second thoughts, how the fuck)