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  1. Atacks won't miss.

    While I played on shoddy, I noticed almost any move will miss, afew exeptions to this are stone edge, fire blast, hydro pump, and some more. Moves like surf, flamethrower, body slam, earthquake, and all most moves never miss. Was this planned like this or why can't they miss?
  2. DPP Salamence (Physical Dragon Dance)

    [SET] name: Physical DD move 1: Dragon Dance move 2: Outrage move 3: Dragon Claw move 4: Earthquake item: Life Orb ability: Intimidate nature: Adamant/Jolly evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Speed ivs: 31/31/31/31/31/31 [SET COMMENTS] Battlers usually realize that salamence have a high...
  3. Pastel's First Sprites

    Pastel's Sprite Thread Hey, this is my first sprite I ever made... I'm not an artist, so I'm pleased with the results, the only problem was the color of the head, wich was hard t o get, and couldn't really find a matching head, and for the black surrounding, I just suck at it...
  4. Disconect?

    I while I play, often get disconnects, and lose the game I was playing, how to solve the disconnect thing?
  5. Flash Animations

    Don't you think it would be great to be able to uploadMacromedia Flash animations to the site(mainly as avatars)? I don't know how possible or anything, just decided to post it here in the suggestions box.
  6. Overworld Sprite Resource

    Hello, I decided to make this becasue it could help alot of people including me. So here, please post all HGSS overworld sprites, and Mystery dungeons sprites. Would anyone help complete this resource?
  7. Again-That's the team name- OU RMT

    Hey, this is the best team I've made until now, but It's not perfect. With it, I0ve managed to get about 1300 CRE, but after getting bored of it, tried new teams who have managed to get me into 1000. So now, I'm recovering everything I lost(for about a 3rd or 4th time), but at about 1300, i...
  8. NFE ladder.

    Hey, why not have a NFE ladder? This would be ver good, and fun....those would be very tactical strategys.
  9. It's just pride.

    :toast:Hey, i made this team, it was a long process i don't remember, so I won't tell it, i tested it on shoddy, and its going pretty well, I win 2 out of 3 matches, and people say guys here on smogon are tough, so I will believe, and guess it's a good team. I've played... approximately 30...
  10. Tons of ideas I came uo with.

    Hello, im Pastel, and I joined about 2 months ago to the forums, but havnt been that asking just for a few reasons (wanted me to use good grammar?? lol here it is!!) that I would like to give to the forum staff: ~Make it more atractive. Well there are a few things that I (and surely alot of...
  11. My OU team

    :toast:I posted this on serebii, but actually didnt get help, almost a week i posted, and no replys, so idecided to C/P from there, to see if i get competent rating and help.:toast: I present u the team at a glance: Now u must b imagining that this little team is just made of 6...