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  1. Pro Wrestling Discussion Thread

    I actually think it's exactly the opposite. Shaemus NEEDED the Rumble win, Jericho and Punk can happen with or without it. Jericho's character wasn't really ruined either. Remember he's not psychic. He said it'll be 'the end of the world as we know it' because he THOUGHT he was gonna win...
  2. GlitchPop

    LOL those videos were posted like an hour before you made this topic. What a strange coincidence.
  3. CAP 13 CAP 2 - Part 7 - Art Poll 1

    aragornbird SoIheardyoulikeSENTRET Yilx T3hB33
  4. Pokemon Showdown bug reports

    I didn't save the log, but my opponent's Bronzong was asleep, and when I hit it with DynamicPunch it became confused, and hit itself in confusion. He wasn't using Sleep Talk or anything either.
  5. Pokemon Showdown private beta applications

    Wow I feel like a dork for not reading it properly the first time. So um yeah, I get it if this second attempt isn't gonna change anything, but here goes: It would be pretty cool if I could be a beta tester. My favourite Pokemon is Scrafty, because his name is Scrafty
  6. CAP 13 CAP 2 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 3

    Grass / Ghost
  7. CAP 13 CAP 2 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 2

    Grass / Ghost
  8. CAP 13 CAP 2 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 1

    Grass / Ghost Electric / Poison Psychic Poison / Dragon
  9. Slowking [DONE :D]

    Amateur GP check To be honest I'm not sure what to do with the extremely casual style. I like it though so I left most of it alone. Hope it's ok :) Add the stuff in Bold Take out the stuff in Red Musings in Yellow-Green <p>Ah, Slowking. This poor fella I'll let you decide if you wanna...
  10. Pokemon Showdown private beta applications

    It'd be pretty alright if I could do some beta testing. My favourite Pokemon is Scrafty because I look pretty much exactly like him. Also he can Dragon Dance.
  11. Pokemon Showdown bug reports

    In any case, there is no ladder system in place, so you could have just left the match if you were that annoyed, without any consequences.
  12. Pokemon Showdown bug reports

    Yeah. Confirming that Leech Seed doesn't do anything against some Pokemon. I can't remember which one it was but he wasn't affected by Leech Seed. He wasn't Grass-type. Also this isn't really a bug, but there really needs to be some kind of forfeit button. People just go to another match...
  13. Pokemon Showdown bug reports

    Random Battle is awesome. So much better than Challenge Cup which I also love. Only bug I've noticed is that Truant isn't working. Learnt that the hard way when I got swept by a Slaking. EDIT: Intimidate just worked through my substitute. Not sure if it's supposed to do that.
  14. Abortion

    Destroying cells that don't live outside the mother has two possible views. A) It is murder B) It is not murder You say B is insane. See where this is going???
  15. Alabama's new immigration laws

    What America needs is a fence. 20 feet high. With barbed wire. Electrified.
  16. Gurdurr (Analysis)

    The 2 GP's together thing created a bit of a mess so I'm just gonna clean it up. You'll need to get rid of the Sableye and Alakazam stuff, since they're banned now. Add the stuff in bold Take out the stuff in Red Musings in YellowGreen <p>With a poor movepool, stats that leave much to...
  17. Glaceon (GP 2/2)

    So you just give Glaceon a +2 Sp.A, and let Chansey keep his +1 Sp.Def, which gives 39.2% - 46.2%. Which is pretty much a 2HK0 after Hail damage and Stealth Rock, no?
  18. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Sandstorm (Excadrill/Thundurus Banned)

    Note I never said once it was broken. But the question of whether or not it is broken, depends completely on Dragonite. To which I really have no opinion.
  19. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Sandstorm (Excadrill/Thundurus Banned)

    Umm, what? You ban MultiScale if MultiScale is broken. The fact Lugia is broken without MultiScale... in what way does that prove MultiScale isn't broken? The only relevant Pokemon is Dragonite. Full stop.